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Oct 7, 2009 12:06 PM

DC with Toddler in Tow

We will be spending 5 days in Dupont Circle with our 20 month toddler and other extended family (service at Arlington the reason for trip but will have time to explore/eat on own). My husband and I both went to GW but it's been a while (10+ years) since we have been back. Looking for places that would be good for breakfast, lunch or early dinner with the kid that are worthwhile for adults too. Did some searching on the board and other places came up with the following - Teaism, Jaleo, Tacke Box, Bistro Du Coin, Pizza Paradiso, Brassiere Beck, Founding Farmers, Tabard Inn, Noras. Thoughts on these? Also good places to do take out or gourmet market stuff in Dupont as we won't be out for dinner everynight. One day will be spent at the Zoo and and one at the Mall if recs specific to there. Thanks!

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  1. Dupont takeout/market stuff: Marvelous Market on Connecticut above the Circle, pizza by the large slice at a basement joint on P Street West of the Circle. the Pseudo-Safeway "Townhouse" on 2oth at S.

    Farther afield the Soviet Safeway has been redone and actually has stuff on the shelves 18th Street near P. Trader Joe's over in Foggy Bottom.

    10 years? a LOT has changed.

    1. For breakfast, you might add Luna Grill and Diner on Connecticut to your list. That and Teaism seem like your best breakfast bets that I can think of -- except also Greek Deli on 19th between M and L (I think I have that right) serves breakfast, they only do bfast and lunch and it's mostly take-out (couple outside tables), never tried their breakfast but it's a great place, a chowhound favorite.

      You won't be too far from a Whole Foods, either, if that's helpful (following up on hill food -- and Safeway grocery stores have nicknames here, which you might know).

      When you go to the zoo, you'll find more options in Cleveland Park than Woodley Park, and the distance from those two metro stops to the zoo is about the same from both. Something that might work there would be to get pizza from Vace in Cleveland Park (take-out only) and carry it to picnic at the zoo. For dinner after the zoo, Spices (pan-Asian, not super special) would be kid friendly, and I think you'd do fine at Dino, (another Chowhound favorite) especially if you get there early.

      There are lots and lots of threads on eating near the Mall and kid-friendly near the Mall and so on, might be worth looking them over.

      Where did you especially like when you lived here?

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        It was a college budget back then and so long ago and not as into food as I am now. But the first and last place my parents took me in DC was Old Ebbitt Grill so we may go there for the nostalgia factor. I recall eating at Georgios (maybe?) on 20th maybe and liking that? A few Georgetown places, we would go to the lunch buffet at Filomenas, I worked at Peacock Cafe when it was just a little sandwich shop/juice bar, not what it seems to be now! Thanks, I have checked some of those other threads and will keep looking.

      2. Dupont Circle Farmer's Market is the best in the DC area. Producers only. Sunday morning 8am - 12pm. Excellent cheeses, pastries from Bonaparte Bakery (there will be a line).