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Oct 7, 2009 12:02 PM

Solo diner looking for recommendations (in SoHo or West Village?)

Hi. I'll be in town this weekend (landing at LGA at 11:30 pm Friday) for a film class and am staying near Bowery and E. Houston. I'm looking for some recommendations for good spots for solo diners, which usually means a casual atmosphere and a bar.

I love all types of food, so nothing is off the table. The more interesting the better, since I don't have access to a wide variety of ethnic cuisine in my small Colorado mountain town. Also, I'm not a huge eater, so a couple great appetizers (or tapas/sushi plates) might be ideal. A fairly priced wine list would also be welcome.

I have budgeted $100/day for dining and don't eat breakfast, so should have about $80/night for dinner. I can fudge that number up a little if someplace is a must, but am very happy spending much less.

I'll hit Katz's for lunch on Saturday (pastrami wet, right?) and will probably find something else quick and close to 4th and 2nd Ave. on Sunday.

I don't mind a walk for dinner (or even a bus or subway ride if necessary). A nice walk will actually probably be welcome after sitting in lectures all day. Therefore, I'm looking for recommendations for late night Friday (very near my location), Saturday night and Sunday night (and maybe lunch Monday near the train station).

And maybe a little off topic, but I'm considering hitting the Blue Note for jazz Sunday night. If someone has a dual recommendation for Sunday night that would have me dining near a good music place (I'm thinking jazz or blues) that would be a bonus.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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  1. If you want sushi, Marumi near Washington Square is great. I eat there solo quite often, the food is good, reasonbly priced, and the atmosphere is low key.

    For more of a bar atmosphere, Blind Tiger is good:

    As is Von:

    Hope you have a great trip!!

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      Terra blues is a good (cheap on non weekends) place for blues and close to blue note.

      Baoguette on Christopher is a great place for Vietnamese inspired food and sandwiches.

    2. Garage is a good jazz spot. Its on the west side, walkable. See who is playing at blue note if you plan on going there. Garage has food too. For food, I really like Ippudo for really good quality ramen. Or Piola, a brazilian pizza restaurant that is really lively and has a live band some nights.

      1. On Sunday, try Belcourt (corner of 4th St and 2nd Ave) for a fantastic, seasonal bistro menu and friendly-as-anything (not to mention gorgeous) bartenders. This is my favorite neighborhood restaurant. Or Mermaid Inn, on 2nd Ave between 5th and 6th st, great seafood restaurant, great bar dining, really mellow and the staff is wonderful.

        1. You're staying so close to Prune... I'd recommend go there for any meal of the day. It's not ethnic, but it's so good. You can sit at the bar. You could also have dinner at the bar at Mary's Fish Camp(go early, it gets very crowded very fast), and then hit up Small's for jazz afterwards.