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Where can you find the best British or Irish Sausages (Bangers) in Chicago?

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I'm on the lookout for some fabulous British or Irish Bangers. Not the standard Irish Pub ones, but some high-quality, premium Bangers. I don't mind which part of the City they are, or whether they're cooked in a great pub or sold in a butchers. Willing to travel for decent food!

Please help...


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  1. Google "Winston's" - there is a South Side location and another in Tinley Park I think.

    Decent white and black pudding. The bangers were also decent - not as good as Denny's. I can't recall whether they used natural casing or not. The last option of course is to make your own (which is on my list of future projects).

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    1. The restaurant in the Irish American Heritage Center on the northwest side (Wilson & Knox) has very good, traditional full Irish Breakfasts - including good/excellent sausages.