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Oct 7, 2009 11:33 AM

Staples Center Dining

I'm going to a Lakers game later this month, and because of time restrictions probably won't be able to eat outside the arena. I was just wondering if there was anything worth going out of my way for at the concessions. I do have premiere level seating in case that makes a difference (Staples' website seems to imply that premier and suite ticket holders have access to more restaurants). Thanks!

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  1. Directly on the north side of Staples is the newish LA Live venue with quite a few dining options:

    1. I thought it was just that restaurant with the buffet. The buffet is nothing special, although the banana cream pie (off the menu) is really good. I'd go to one of the restaurants across the street at LA Live instead like Katsuya, which has pretty quick service.

      1. Thanks for the LA Live recs, I'll probably check it out after the game. I'm more interested in something I can eat in the arena or in my seat, though, since time is a major factor that day for me.

          1. Inside the arena:
            The sandwiches on the premier level are OK, specifically the roast beef. There is also a dessert cart. It will come directly to your suite if you are in one, or there will be a couple stationed near the bars/food
            The better option is the "whistle stop" on the main level.
            Good hand-carved roast beef dip. They also have a hand -carved turkey sandwich.
            There are also giant hotdogs at one location only with interesting toppings.
            Other than that, not much to recommend.
            LA Live and Vicinity:
            Lawry's - again a Carved roast beef sandwich, but very good. Also the best bet for finding a seat at a table close to game time.
            Yard House - if you can't get there an hour or more early you will not get a seat, so Beer only
            Trader Vics - Great tropical drinks decent appetizers, tough to get seat, not sure about reservations
            Flemings - overpriced steak. I went just as they opened and they had not figured out how to deal with the massive "single seating" with everyone wanting to eat quickly and get to the game on time.
            Roys - not in LA Live but a decent choice.
            The Palm - also not in LA Live, pretty close and you should be able to get a reservation, but expensive.

            Last note: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT eat at ESPN Zone