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Oct 7, 2009 11:28 AM


I'm trying so hard to like Freshii, the concept is great, the ingredients sound great yet everytime I eat there I am underwhelmed.
One just opened in Liberty Village where I work. It is clean, they are friendly, menu looks great but food, just ok.
Anyone else found this?

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  1. I enjoy the rice bowls, preferably the Bliss Bowl. It's flavourful and healthy and very filling! I think it a great healthy alternative to take-out.

    1. Totally agree! After eating regularly at Fast Fresh Foods, a friend insisted this week on eating at Freshii. Everything sounded and looked good, but the salad was very underwhelming and I was hungry after.

      1. It's bland but I don't mind it once in a while when I need to feel virtuous. I like the Cobb wrap and the Warrior Chicken brown rice bowl.

        1. I was glued to my computer yesterday and thought, What the hey, Freshii can't hurt me. How wrong I was.

          The person who took my order seemed pretty on top of things. But the person delivering my burrito called me to ask me if i knew where he was. "Around a lot of nightclubs?" he asked. Sure, I guess; that could describe anywhere downtown.

          When my order finally got here, it was cold and it didn't taste very good. In fact, it tasted off, but I can't quite figure out what it was that made it taste so strange. Add that to the fact that Freshii forgot the water that I ordered, and I'm ready to say, "Next time I'm stuck here, I order from Quiznos."

          And, FTR, that's what I did today. It was really okay--quite edible--and they remembered my water and the delivery showed up much quicker than I expected. In a pinch, I'll absolutely order from them again. Freshii? Sorry, you blew it.

          1. I was really looking forward to trying Freshii, given the hype in The Gazette. The website described incredible salads with an emphasis on vegetables. Yesterday, we tried it out, and the owner was very obliging, since I said that I would be recommending this place to my clients (I happen to be a dietitian). I ordered the Teryaki Twist Bowl, and frankly, it consisted of mostly rice, albeit, brown. The owner came over to me and asked what I thought. I hesitated, but in true "dietitian mode", I lamented that there was not even a serving (1/2 cooked or 1 cup uncooked) of vegetables. He agreed and said that corporate decides on the amounts of each ingredient. But I said that since health is part of the marketing, you might think that there would be at least 1 serving of vegetables. He was very obliging and said he'd call head office about this. The other troubling thing, which I did not share at the time, is that when ordering, there is the push to add protein items that are at an extra cost. (BTW-a serving of Meat and Alternatives is 75 grams or 3/4 cup of cooked legumes).