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I'm trying so hard to like Freshii, the concept is great, the ingredients sound great yet everytime I eat there I am underwhelmed.
One just opened in Liberty Village where I work. It is clean, they are friendly, menu looks great but food, just ok.
Anyone else found this?

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  1. I enjoy the rice bowls, preferably the Bliss Bowl. It's flavourful and healthy and very filling! I think it a great healthy alternative to take-out.

    1. Totally agree! After eating regularly at Fast Fresh Foods, a friend insisted this week on eating at Freshii. Everything sounded and looked good, but the salad was very underwhelming and I was hungry after.

      1. It's bland but I don't mind it once in a while when I need to feel virtuous. I like the Cobb wrap and the Warrior Chicken brown rice bowl.

        1. I was glued to my computer yesterday and thought, What the hey, Freshii can't hurt me. How wrong I was.

          The person who took my order seemed pretty on top of things. But the person delivering my burrito called me to ask me if i knew where he was. "Around a lot of nightclubs?" he asked. Sure, I guess; that could describe anywhere downtown.

          When my order finally got here, it was cold and it didn't taste very good. In fact, it tasted off, but I can't quite figure out what it was that made it taste so strange. Add that to the fact that Freshii forgot the water that I ordered, and I'm ready to say, "Next time I'm stuck here, I order from Quiznos."

          And, FTR, that's what I did today. It was really okay--quite edible--and they remembered my water and the delivery showed up much quicker than I expected. In a pinch, I'll absolutely order from them again. Freshii? Sorry, you blew it.