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Oct 7, 2009 11:08 AM

RH at Andaz - Super Quick Review

Had a very quick dinner at RH this Sunday. Originally, my plan was to try Mako for their DineLA menu, but they were closed(lesson learned: check hours before going anywhere). RH was not too much further away and I've been very curious to try this place. The valet is $7, with restaurant validation. Steep! We were greeted by a very friendly, enthusiastic young woman and seated promptly. The restaurant was a little less than half filled around 7:30pm. I wanted to try the DineLa menu but was unfortunately not hungry enough, plus I was in the mood for duck confit which is not on the DLA menu. Dining companion ordered the beef cheeks and we decided to share a side of the triple fried fries that I recalled Virbila raving about in her review. We were served a plate of crudite and some bread. I personally like my veggies a little less....raw and I'm not a fan of dill which the dipping sauce tasted overwhelming like. But the bread was quite good, sourdough-ish, cornmeal on the bottom and nice crunch all around. On to the entrees: my duck was wonderful! The skin was as crunchy as a good creme brulee with similar effect what with the oozy layer of fat right under. The meat was super tender, pink, delicious. It came with roast potatoes and mushrooms and two baby leek/green onion things. The beef cheeks were great as well, though not as good as a whole. The only disappointing item were the fries. They weren't bad, just not great. It might just be a preference thing. My favorite fry is still at Jar.

Service was good, friendly but non-intrusive with someone appearing just when you think you need them. We had lemonade with our meal that originally came with a small pitcher of agave syrup but we found the syrup to thick and it did not seem to melt into the drink which was super sour. But our server quickly remedied the situation when asking how our drinks were and they were replaced with a new batch that was perfectly sweetened by the bartender. I will definitely be returning to try out the other nummy sounding items on their menu!

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  1. I just posted my review on another tread. I really enjoyed myself yesterday, The poached egg is yummy, i loved the beef cheeks and the chicken (shocker, huh?). I plan to get the duck when I am next there. Bummer about the fries, that was on my list as well.
    I was really surprised that it was empty at the restaurant, perhaps people don't know how awesome it is.
    photos and review here:

    1. Love their duck confit!!! Get the Perigourdine tourrain soup too. It's perfect for "colder" weather...

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        This was my meal tonight and I loved it. That duck confit is the best I have ever tasted (including Paris). Four of us dined. We all agreed that this restaurant is a gem and one to which we would happily return. The service was nice, our seating was very comfortable, martini at beginning of the meal was perfect. RH has a lovely ambiance. We arrived at 6:30 and the restaurant was quiet. Around 8:00PM, the activity picked up. Good looking, chic crowd. Not trashy! All in all, we loved the food. My husband had a peanut butter ice cream for dessert which was incredible. Actually, all four in our party thought that our food was incredible. We loved every course. Will definitely return. The chef is brilliant and the 3 stars from Virbila at the LAT was well-deserved.

      2. "The only disappointing item were the fries. They weren't bad, just not great."

        I understand the logic underlying double-frying and also why some kitchens soak the cut raw potatoes in ice-water for at least 30 minutes, even though my favorite fries in the country (at Al's #1 Beef on Taylor St. in Chicago) never receive any such treatment. (It is to laugh, as my ex-mother-in-law would say.) But for the life of me I can't figure out why you'd want to cook potatoes three times. To help them absorb more stale cooking fat? To prepare the nuanced public for quadruple frying eventually? If you cut your potatoes thin enough, but not too thin, and fry once in a top-quality fat -- real lard, e.g. -- you'll do much better, according to my home experiments.

        Did the RH'ers justify their cooking process or defend the less-than-sterling results?