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Oct 7, 2009 10:44 AM

lunch for 20 on Sunday

I am throwing a birthday party for my sister for 20 people. It will be a Sunday lunch. I'm looking for a bistro with reasonable prices where we could either have a private room or somehow be screened off for privacy.

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  1. Tough: Are you committed to French food? because Lao Lane II has room for that size bunch upstairs and a group of us had a great meal there ensemble. For French, one can't do worse than the garden-facing room at the Marcab or the back area at La Maree. Or how about buying out the Cantine de Troquet? I'll bet you can negotiate that. Cru also has a room on the Northwest side that might work - but it's cru stuff.

    John Talbott

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      Astier's upstairs is the right size. Au Petit Riche, which I'm the only person on earth defending, has nice private rooms. Christophe is that size. Adrienne Chez la Vieille upstairs. Privatize Racines maybe, or Spring.

      1. re: souphie

        The new Spring would accomodate 20 if it were open (the old only had room for 16) and Jeu de Quilles has room for only 17 and (unless negotiated) is closed on Sundays.

        John Talbott