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Oct 7, 2009 09:51 AM

Steakhouses in the West Chester Area

Has anyone eaten at Mile High Steakhouse , Pietro's Prime or Brandywine Prime recently ? I am looking for a good steakhouse for a special birthday Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Brandywine Prime is just OK. Service is just OK, food is very variable. I've had good meals there, so-so meals there...nothing that was great all the way through.

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      1. Run very far away from Pietros Prime, unless you are a fan of indifferent service or a chainsaw enthusiast.

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          Yes, Pietro's was one of those places that started out good and went quickly downhill. Mystifying. Had good service last time we were there but likely only because the waitress had worked with our son at another restaurant. I found a piece of plastic in my mashed potatoes. Not good. I agree w/gfweb1 about Brandywine Prime. Only thing we go there for is their 1/2 price burgers on Friday nights. Neither regular dinners nor brunch there is anything to write home about. As for Mile High, heard great things and it is on our list places to go.

          Brandywine Prime
          1617 Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford, PA 19317