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Oct 7, 2009 09:20 AM

Please recommend some great Italian restaurants on the UES

I'm particularly interested in places with great pasta.


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  1. Sfoglia - gets mixed reports here, but I've enjoyed most of my meals there. Had an interesting pasta with figs, ricotta, hazelnuts and brown butter recently.

    Paola's - around for years, moved recently to 92nd & Madison - I've had a couple of excellent meals there - wish I could remember off hand which pastas I had!

    1. Pinocchio's it's on 1st btwn 90th and 91st.. very yummy! everything is homemade. their bolognese special is amazing

      1. If you can bear the din, especially near the bar at the front, Elio's has very good food including superb pasta with clams.

        1. I like Antonucci at 81st and Third.

          1. My fav in the neighborhood is Nino’s, not inexpensive but very good, old school italian
            Nino's Restaurant
   1354 1st Ave New York, NY 10021-4426 (212) 988-0002