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My SO came home last night with a sudden "need" to get a Turducken ... no idea where he got this idea from but I suspect one of his work colleagues of planting it in his mind!

Does anyone know where it is possible to get a Turducken from in Toronto? The only place I can think is SLM but them I'm not sure which of the shops (if any) in there would have or be able to prepare such a thing.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

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  1. I have seen them in a box in the freezer at the Real Canadian Superstore at Dufferin & Steeles. Since it is part of the group of Loblaws stores, my guess is that No Frills and Loblaws may very well carry them as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Sobeys carries the frozen in a box too.

      1. We bought a frozen one a coupla years ago from Loblaws. It was pricey and not very good. I think it wasn't that moist. Nothing beats a fresh turkey.

        1. It's would incredible, satisfying challenge to actually make one of these successfully. (No, I looked at the basic instructions and didn't bother.)

          As to to the eating qualities, I'm not so sure. I've never tasted one of these made by Paul Prudhomme. Perhaps its in a different league. Loblaw's has them in the freezer. Good luck. As to it actually tasting good, don't hold your breath. But please report if you get one.

          1. It was available at Healthy Butcher last year.

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              This year too, but had to be pre-ordered by 4 October . . . might be worth a try to call and see if there is any chance . . .

            2. This won't satisfy a "sudden need", but in the past, Southern Accent served it on the U.S. Thanksgiving day. You might give them a call and enquire.

              1. Medium Rare (its the name of the butcher shop) in etobicoke sells turducken sausage.

                talk about convenience!

                1. When I was ordering a turkey I noticed George's in Leslieville, aka Meating on Queen, is taking orders for turducken, naturally raised, etc. I pondered it for a second before my wife quickly shot me down. Too much of a good thing is a problem I have sometimes.

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                    I called them to ask what type of stuffing they use, but it was a more traditional stuffing, not a Louisiana style stuffing. He said the price is $120 to $130 and the weight is "at least 16 lbs".

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                      I definitely saw one on display this past weekend.
                      I was at only two Supermarkets.
                      Longos and mcewan.
                      I am 90% certain that it was Longos.
                      Give them a call.

                  2. Vienna Fine Foods in scarborough takes orders for these, stay away from drozen if at all possible. give em a ca;; to be sure, i have seen other german stores advertise them in the german newspaper but i cant remember who..

                    Vienna Fine Foods
                    1050 Birchmount Road
                    (416) 759-4481

                    1. Travel to Newmarket and Klosters on Yonge has them--had one from here 2 years ago and it was amazing.

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                        Hey mlynnb,

                        I was considering ordering a turducken from Klosters -- I know your post was from a few years ago, but do you remember how the turducken was prepared? Was it a full turkey bird, or was it turkey rolled with chicken rolled with duck into a roast looking product?

                      2. I ordered mine from www.roofoods.ca based in Toronto and had to have it shipped to Montreal. It's prepared fresh and Scott and his wife were a pleasure to deal with. Will be cooking it tomorrow and post results and hopefully pics when done.

                        1. Saw it at Loblaws a few years ago, but only during Thanksgiving.

                          You might try a butcher.

                          1. hi mc,

                            hope this isn't too late ... i was @ medium rare yesterday (dundas and kipling) ... they had both cooked turducken and uncooked. we got some of the cooked turducken for lunch and it was delicious!

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                              We tried the frozen version from Loblaws a couple years ago. It did have a Cajun-seasoned dressing. Agree with Duh Car's experience, it was dry and not something we plan on repeating.

                            2. I've ordered a turducken from a great place called Off the Bone in Mississauga. We had it for Easter this past year, and it was delicious - fresh and reasonably priced. I know this is pretty late but I thought I'd just put my two cents in!

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                                Hey! That's great news :) I've been desperately looking for a decent place in the GTA (West end) to order from, and have not been terribly successful. How many people did you order for, and would you mind sharing the approx price range? Thanks for the post!

                              2. Hope this is not too late - we ordered one from costco.ca. it is from the original turducken company.

                                It was only okay. it's great from a novelty perspective. Our guests found it fun. It is pricey though... $120 for about 8ish pounds. We used a meat thermometer to check for doneness and glad we did - we were 90 mins ahead of schedule (at low temp) The turkey was moist and pleasantly flavoured, there was just too much bread stuffing to warrant the price tag.

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                                  I considered ordering from Costco, but read mixed reviews about it as well... plus I'm looking to order for about twice the weight of turducken (feeding a lot of people). Thanks for your input! :)

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                                    I watched a TVO program re Victorian Christmas and they prepared a Turducken like dish. The idea goes way back apparently.