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Oct 7, 2009 08:36 AM

emeril's sport stadium palazzo

anyone been here yet?? what's good?

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  1. I was actually there two weekends ago and it happened to be the grand opening. The place was open for a month, but I was able to get in for the party. I also went back on Sunday morning as my friend made a quick bet on the Cardinals v. Colts (big mistake).

    The food at the party was very good, although I don't know much of it is on the menu. This is a sports book/restaurant/sports bar. TVs everywhere. The stadium section has teired, sofa seating facing a giant screen with 12 smaller screens surrounding it. This is where you want to be to watch all the games. However, there is a $50 per person PER GAME F&B minimum. So if you want to spend the day watching college football, each person in your party must spend $150. That's a lot of beer and wings. If you don't mind the minimum, the place is fantastic. You can reserve an area (sofa, chairs, table) for your group, waiter service right there and frankly about the coolest sports book ever. The betting windows are at the base of the stadium. There are many other seating areas around the facility. Some have the $50 min, too, but others have no minimum at all. There is a tv for almost every seating area, so you can watch what you want. There is also an outdoor patio right on the strip with the same seating.

    The Sunday morning we left the place was packed and every seat and table were accounted for. I'm guessing reservations are required on the weekend. The menu looks good with updated takes on sports bar food. Please report back if you go.


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      I was just there last Wednesday to meet friends for a quick drink and make a bet!
      The best thing Palazzo/Venetian did was to add betting windows inside the restaurant!

      1. re: ciaogal

        Yes. And they put a little casino right next to the restaurant in case you need some halftime felt.