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Oct 7, 2009 07:24 AM

Sports Bar (or the like) in Rhinebeck ?

We'll be camping this coming weekend at Mills-Norrie State Park. BF is a big Yankee fan and would like to be able to catch the games this weekend. I wouldn't mind some yummy snacks or even a meal while we watch.
Any suggestions?

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  1. In Rhinebeck?? A sports bar?

    Not per se...but there is a a large flat screen TV at the bar in Terrapin and they do have really good snacks. I imagine they will have the game on or will put it on for you.

    Less CH-ish is the Double O by the Fairgrounds which doubtless has TVs in their bar.

    There used to be an actual sports bar in Hyde Park, south of Norrie, just past the FDR estate on the right going south...don't know if it is still there. Can't vouch for quality either.

    And the Hyde PArk Brew Pub probably has a TV or two in the bar. Good beers food is passable but stick to pub fare - sandwiches, etc. Had a bad experience there ordering a steak.

    1. Personally, I would avoid Terrapin. Lousy food, inept bartending, unprofessional service. For what you are looking for, 00 Grill is a much better choice. Actually, for any purpose, 00 Grill is better than Terrapin. A box lunch is better than Terrapin. Hunger and thirst are better than Terrapin...

      Just sayin...

      1. I disagree with adegiulio concerning the Terrapin. My husband and I live nearby and visit often, sometimes for casual nachos or snacks at the bar, sometimes for a full meal in the bistro side of the restaurant. The service is consistently good, even when they are busy. The staff is seasoned, the ingredients are consistently fresh and intriguing. These people know what they are doing. Even though we have a cynical palate, the Terrapin yields consistent quality. Their drinks are great and creative, not watered down and definitely generous.