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Oct 7, 2009 06:29 AM

Short New England Road Trip - Advice?

Next week my husband and I are taking a drive starting out from Wappinger, New York and headed through Mystic, Connecticut, New Bedford, MA, maybe Provincetown and on up the coast to Portland, Maine. No reservations, no specific plans, no specific route. We are going to try to stick to the coast and avoid the interstate. We're looking for coastline scenery and local foods. Just 5 or 6 days of driving and eating. We are looking for great seafood (and yes -sadly I know lobster season is over, although my husband really wanted to try an authentic lobster roll), the best of the many Portuguese restaurants along the way and any local places that are just too good to miss. Dives are fine. Fancy is fine. It's all good.
So - my questions is - are there any great places that we should really try not to miss?

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  1. Dear Mothership,
    We do have a tourist season here in Maine but there is no such thing as a lobster season. There are also seasonal restaurants but most stay open at least through Columbus Day. Lobsters are available and delicious year-round. The only difference is that in the summer they have soft shells (less meat but very sweet) and in the winter they have hard shells (more meat and harder to crack but worth it). So don't cross lobster off your (or your husband's) wish list.

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      FYI- There is major construction on the Sagamore Bridge (the bridge you'd probably take to get to the Cape and go to P-town) and it's creating ugly delays that are all over the news. Have you done a search on this board for Maine and Cape Cod?

      1. re: ciclista

        ciclista - Thank you for the heads up about the construction. Provincetown was just a maybe and now we will most likely pass. I have searched other boards, but I am unfamiliar with the area we will be driving through and was hoping for some help with the smaller sea-side towns. Guess I will hunker down with my maps and find the towns mentioned in other posts.

        soxlover - Thank you as well. From other posts, it sounded like we were going to be too late for lobster. I'm glad to hear that is not so. And if my hubby is happily full of lobster, I hear you have some fabulous little antique shops...

        1. re: Mothership

          I'd add a trip down to Newport, RI for a nice seaside town and views. Especially the 10 Mile Drive and Cliff Walk. Lots of great restaurants too, although New Bedford/Fall River will have the edge on Portuguese ones.

          FYI, Coming the way you are, you would usually take the Bourne Bridge onto the'd take the Sagamore Bridge on your way off heading up to Maine.

          1. re: milemarker0

            Forgot to add, if you do make that trip, or even if you don't, you could take Route 6 around Fall River to avoid the interstate (I-195) and follow that through coastal towns out to the Cape. This time of year, when the leaves start to change it's nive. You'll hit towns like Marion, Mattapoisett, Wareham etc....then move over to Rt. 6A if you go to the Cape.

        2. re: ciclista

          Re: the Sagamore bridge...the Bourne bridge can get you on and off the cape pretty easily.

          1. re: Wursthof

            True, Wursthof (about Bourne Bridge), but now that is a mess because people are heading over there to avoid Sagamore Bridge! It's just a transfer of the mess. I have to go off-Cape in 2 weeks and I am plotting a 6A escape (like everyone else...). If you make it to the Cape, I like Wicked Oyster (Wellfleet), Blackfish (Truro), Brewster Fish House (Brewster), Abba (Orleans), 28 Atlantic at the Wequasset Inn (Harwich).

      2. Definatey stop by the Portugese delis in Fall River. I forget the names but you will find them if you do a Fall River search.