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Oct 7, 2009 05:57 AM

Power hungry Moderator.


Why did my thread about "Top chef season 5 tidbits" get deleted, then 1 hour later MissNeedle creates an identical thread with identical links and it is deemed ok. I then inquire as to the reasons behind the deletion of my thread only to have my post deleted as well. I think a power hungry mod has it out for me and is messing with me just for kicks. It's quite frustrating to have your posts disappear in a blink of an eye without any reason given or without knowing who is behind it.

  1. Did you check your registered email address? We emailed you the reason for the deletion at the time it was done. We don't generally address 'why was that deleted?' issues publicly, but by email, so it's always best to check your email, and if you didn't get an explanation and need one, please email rather than posting.