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Oct 6, 2009 10:54 PM


We will be in Long Beach for two days - where do we want to eat, reasonable but interesting. Also we are interested in shopping neighborhoods. Thanks...

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  1. Head on over to Belmont Shore. Also fondly known as Second Street. You can't stumble on a curb without hitting a restaurant and there is plenty of shopping too!.

    Try Geroge's for Greek, Open Sesame for Mediterranean, Legends for a Sports Bar, Bono's for upscale gourmet. You'll also find a Lucille's BBQ, a ton of chains and yogurt and candy stores galore!

    Don't miss Sweet Jills if you live awesome cinnamon rolls

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      Folks, just a reminder to keep discussion focused on chow. Shopping, general sightseeing, and other non-food disucussion is off topic on Chowhound. Thanks.

      1. If you like Mexican then you're in luck, as Long Beach has one of the better examples around in Enrique's. Look through some of the posts about it in the link, but if they have the pork shank available it's a home run. No reservations, so if you go at prime dinner hour it's most likely going to be a wait.

        Shopping (unless it's for local cooking or food related items) is off topic for CH unfortunately so you'll need to look elsewhere for those recommendations.

        6210 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803

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          Is the pork shank even on the menu? We went there a while back and while waiting (and it wasn't peak hour) were looking over the menu and didn't see it. We eventually decided to move along to Belmont Shore due to the wait. Any of the Greek/Lebanese places are good. Magic Lamp, Sunnin, etc.

          Up in Bixby Knolls, North Long Beach there is a chow favorite (I would only go for breakfast) Jongewaards Bake N Broil. There are also a reasonable Lebanese place Baba Ghanouj with some good homestyle lunchtime specials. And Il Poggio for Italian.
          As for shopping, Tuttles Camera is worth a trip if you're a photography buff.

          More info on shopping

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            It used to be offered as a special every time we went (but that was over a year ago as we don't get down to LB that frequently). I have had it 3 or 4 times over the years. It would be a shame it they weren't doing it any longer. Anybody else know?

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              Perhaps if it is a special we might have seen it if we had waited to be seated? Or we were not there on the right day. The regular menu looked pretty standard but obviously the place has a loyal following based on the nonpeak wait time.

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                It's an off menu "special" that's always available. The wait staff don't always recite the available "specials". While I enjoy the pork shank quite a bit, the other off menu "special" that I really like the best is the sea bass. Also, although the regular menu looks standard, be assured that the kitchen staff really knows what they are doing and what comes out of there is smoking hot having been freshly prepared and is anything but standard.

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                  The pork shank is just awe-inspiring. I want to have it in front of me right now, that's how good it is. But, as JAB notes, everything that Enrique Pérez and his cooks serve at Enrique's is great. GREAT. They have all the standard Mexican fare, but look beyond the combo plates at the entrée salads and the platos fuertes; these are all carefully constructed plates with a sophistication and flair only seen in the better restaurants of Guadalajara (the city Enrique is from). I can also tell you that the citrus-glazed ribs and hand-cut french fries plate is a special treat.

                  And now I want the ribs...!

                  They also cater, if you want to have truly memorable food at your next party (they catered our wedding!).

        2. there's a very good, relatively new walking/shopping/eating neighborhood around the Fourth Street Retro Row area. To keep this on-topic, i'll just mention the several mid-century modern antique stores/junk stores and the art theater. Of specific chow interest are two restaurants Number 9, which serves "modern" Vietnamese food in a nice minimalist setting, and Lola's, which serves good Mexican in a cool, artsy room.

          1. Interesting, Yes, Shopping, NO.... unless you need a Money order or fishing lures. Joe Josts is a long beach legend. On Anaheim near Orange, the neighborhood could be better but it is a classic beer bar. Been there for almost 100 years, Joes serves cold beer and pretty much only 2 things.. Pickled eggs and the "special" (a polish sausage sandwich) Get both and a bag of peanuts they roast on site, with a beer and life is good.

            If almost everybody in there looks like they've been there since they were kids, its because they have been coming there since they were kids. RIP PBR on draft.