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Oct 6, 2009 09:09 PM

Peaches [split from SF ChowDown thread]

reply to 'uh ... art': as there is no chow thread for former rightcoasters seeking peaches. i have been here 10yrs now, and was of the exact same opinion. how could it be, no good peaches? when there are so many wonderful things here? well, turns out i wasnt looking in the right places. the season is over now, but next year be sure to check out the organic peaches at frog hollow farms ( they are extraordinary. (and hey, after about the second snowfall of the season, shoveling kind of loses its appeal...driving a little for some peaches is more than a fair trade!)

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  1. Have you tried the peaches from Andy's orchard in Morgan Hill? We've gone the previous two years, but missed going down this year. Their stone fruit is so delicious that we typically purchase almost $100 worth of fruit every time we go and there are only two of us at home! Their orchard walks are a lot of fun and very educational. Plus, they encourage you to taste/eat as much as you want during the walk.

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      Yes, I highly recommend the stonefruit from Andy's and the orchard tours. I just finished off incredible dried apricots from my last visit.

      Still, my favorites this summer were plums and apricots. The peaches looked better than they tasted, even picked ripe from the tree.

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        I agree, Andy's is fantastic. Do an orchard walk in June and get some of those Black Tartarian and Black Republican cherries that are drying on the trees. They may look shriveled and unappetizing, but the flavor is divine!

        This past year my favorite peach was Fairtime, but he has lots of great choices. Many people are devoted to Baby Crawford. His Flavor King pluots are superb.

      2. Last saturday i went to the Alemany farmer's market looking for squashes and found a booth that had a sign : "voted best peaches at the farmer's market" and i tasted something fantastic and floral and sweet and i bought 3 and they lasted for three days without bruising, denting, rotting, or otherwise losing any good flavor.

        The season may indeed be over, and i have NO idea the name of the vendor, but those peaches were excellent. Yellow peaches with a perfect balance of sweet and acid that gives a good peach that certain mouthwatering appeal.

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          Maybe Twin Girls or Capay? Both are organic and sell at Alemany.

          I love this time of year--pumpkins and peaches and pomegranates.

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            No its the stand with "voted best peaches" is not Twin Girls neither Capay. Wish I could be more helpful, but unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of the vendor ( I had asked them before, but I have forgotten). Usually they do have the best stonefruit in the entire (Alemany Farmers) market.

          2. re: jupiter

            Ferrari's? They're sometimes amazing, and sometimes not--always really cheap for organic stonefruit.