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Oct 6, 2009 09:28 PM

Best cheese?

Any comments on this Quebec goat cheese, Cendrillon, recently voted the world's best?

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  1. if this is the same one, i think, with the ashes on the outside of the cheese?
    i personally do not think its "the best" cheese. my tastes run more toward the more creamy cheeses, brie to be more precise. it was very different though, i tried it at a wine and cheese, but didn't like it enough to go back for more. you can taste the ash, but it enhanced the flavor of the goat cheese, kind of tempered the strength that is typical to goat cheeses. overall it was pretty good for goat cheese (which i'm not too big of a fan)

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      I too prefer the creamy/runny cheese. Have you tried the Prestige de Bourgogne or it's sister cheese the Régal de Bourgogne. Both are verry butter with an almost cool feel in the mouth. My current favorites.

      1. re: Andria

        i think i've tried the regal de bourgogne, but not prestige. thanks for the recommendations, definitely will keep an out for them!

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          I recently had the Prestige de Bourgogne. It was amazing ! I really love the creamy texture, but then it IS a triple-creme.

          I also like one called Bleubry. It's a Brie with a thin streak of blue in the middle. It is much milder than blue.

      2. I tried going to a few grocery stores to look for it and although they carry many cheeses made by La Maison Alexis de Portneuf they don't seem to have Cendrillon. I looked at a Provigo, Loblaws and IGA in different parts of town and they didn't have it. I was hardly scouring the city for it but just out of curiosity is it available in grocery stores?

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          None of the cheese places in Atwater market had it last weekend, either. One merchant said it is really difficult to order.

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            i havent tried looking for it here, but when i had it, the host purchased it at the iga in riviere du loup, which is pretty far from here to drive for the sake of cheese!

          2. Hamel didn't have it either. They said they may have it in a week or two but that one should call first to make sure they have it.

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              I'm surprised it's not being more widely stocked yet. I've had no luck casually finding it anywhere either.

            2. Just in case anyone is interested, La Vielle Europe (3855 St. Laurent boulevard) had a large stock of it in today. I hadn't been able to find it previously elsewhere since the announcement of its bestestness.

              1. Fromagerie du Marché Atwater had quite a few bars of it today. Price was $5.99, a dollar less than cited in the article.

                It's a fine goat's milk cheese, firm and dry with an almost chalky texture and a pronounced sourish tang. In terms of flavour, the ash is subtle and adds complexity. The model is obviously some of the ash-covered Loire chèvres like Sainte-Maure, Selles-sur-Cher, Pavé Blésois, etc. While, based on this one taste of a young cheese (best before date: 10 Jan 2010), I wouldn't say it beats them, it can certainly hold its own in their company. As with those cheeses, a Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Quincy, Menetou-Salon, etc. would be a perfect wine match.

                Am looking forward to buying another and seeing how it ages.

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                1. re: carswell

                  Costco Pointe-Claire was selling Cendrillon on the weekend - 2 bars for $9.99.

                  1. re: carswell

                    Definitely not the best cheese I ever tasted, but very yummy. Served it after a meal yesterday (pumpkin mash with boar and deer sausages and cranberry filled steamed apples if you must know) with some crusty bread and cidre de glace as a 1st dessert (2nd dessert was a tartelette with bleuberries and almonds from Pain Doré). Paid $5.49 at PA.
                    As I was at JTM for the sausages I tasted Le Marechal, a raw milk goat cheese from Buckland (also featured in The Gazette this weekend). I regret not buying it as it had more character and age.