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Oct 6, 2009 08:41 PM

Florida Booth style avocados at Berkeley Bowl

There are a zillion types of avocados, but it is rare to see more than Haas in the Bay Area.

From what I've read, Florida avocados have more water and less oil than California varietes.

The huge Booth avocados for $1.89 each looked pretty with the shiny bright green skin. I finally cut into it today and liked it quite a bit. It has an almost papery thin skin. There are several varities of Booth avocados. The interior was different than this photo. It was a pretty pale lemon yellow ringed with light green.

It was at perfect ripeness so I enjoyed it very much. A littlle lighter but nicely flavored. It would make a nice quacamole. So anyone wanting to try something a little different, IMO, it was well-worth the oruce,

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  1. If you ever see the Reed avocados jump right in and pick up a few. I found them when I lived in Orange County several years ago but have rarely seen them since (and they tend to be on the large side of things). Great sliced into salads or just eaten by themselves.

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      They had Reeds at the Berkeley farmers markets up until about a week or two ago...a bit on the expensive side but, yes, gigantic.

    2. $1.89? Yikes, I got some at 3/$1.00 out of someone's backyard tree in Miami last month.

      Florida avocados do indeed make a good, chunkier guacamole.

      1. Brokaw Nursery sells a variety of avocados (more than the two they list on their Web site). Their season just ended, but they'll be back at the farmers' markets in February.