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Oct 6, 2009 08:14 PM

Central Long Island and the North Fork

Will be in Central LI ( Yaphank) and am looking for a decent place for dinner. Will also be spending a different weekend in the NorthFork and would love lunch and dinner suggestions.

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  1. In the North Fork I like the Elbow Room in Jamesport.

    I don't think there is much in Yaphank. You would probably have to go to Coram, Middle Island on Rte 25. My parents live in Patchogue and I like Brickhouse Brewery and The Oar Inn.

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      The Elbow Room is not the kind of place that one would really travel to. Even when you are in the area, I feel it would hardly qualify for one of the ebst in the area. I remember having their marinated steak once. I think I dish of salt on the table would have had the same effect.

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        To each his own. We live out here now but used to travel to Cliffs from Kings Park, it was a special treat to us. Recommended originally by friends who did the same. We like the marinated steak very much,but they make a plain one that is just as good.

        We also frequent Bayview Inn, right down the block, it's very old fashioned and homey with very reasonable prices, but the food would be a match for almost anywhere else you could go on the North Fork. The chef is world class. Steak possibly as good as Cliffs. Seafood always perfect. Unusual specials like Lobster Ceviche. Gotta get myself over there soon!

    2. For the North Fork, do a couple searches on this site for "North Fork Table" - - - best dinner place around - - - and for "Greenport' - - - a nice little town with some good lunch/dinner choices. Within Greenport, Vine Wine Bar is really nice for lunch or dinner. There is also a great cheese shop on Love Lane (in Mattituck I think) that is perfect to pick up picnic stuff.

      If you are out on the north fork and plan on hitting a few wineries, some great ones to check out are Roanoke, Shinn, Sheerwood, Raphael, Paumonok, and Lieb.

      1. Highly recommend the Jamesport Manor inn. Visited there last night and it was wonderful seasonal food and with impeccable service, with the exception of runners not knowing who ordered what, and disappointing desserts. The prix fixe dinner menu is $29, with supplemental prices for a few more entrees. Two of us paid the supplement for the ribeye and it was large enough to server 4 for dinner. We traveled from Huntington to celebrate our anniversary there last night, and it was worth the trip and then some.

        Jamesport Manor Inn
        370 Manor Lane, Riverhead, NY 11901

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          Amano in Mattituck is excellent, and also has a prix-fixe menu....I was there 2 weeks ago and had a warm escarole and white bean salad that was fantastic, a filet of striped bass with broccoli rabe, and a dessert of some sort of chocolate fudge thing...all for $24.95...good portions too, full size..not skimpy. My son had a meat ball appetizer and berkshire pork loin with white beans and broccoli rabe, same dessert, for the same price. They also have some wines on the prix-fixe menu for $24.95...we had a Croteaux rose..and that's less than $10 above the retail price of that wine.

        2. Nelle, you might do better to ask about restaurants near Yaphank, because no one who lives on Long Island would ever call it Central Long Island, so you might be missing people who could answer you. It might be geographically the center if you start from the Nassau County line and go to Montauk, but that is definitely east end for the majority of us. Not sure how far that is from East Islip, but you might want to try Teller's. Or, go up to Port Jeff and try Mirabelle.

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            If I was in Yaphank, I would check out the Patchogue/Sayville area. It's central Suffolk County, as opposed to all Long Island.

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              Definitely, and I'd include the village of Bellport. Yaphank is far from being east end, but folks in Nassau think anything past exit 50.