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Oct 6, 2009 08:12 PM

Upper West Side Coffee Shops

Hey, I was wondering if anybody had any coffee shop recommendations on the UWS, preferably near 72 and Broadway. Mainly looking for somewhere with decent coffee plus a cool place to hang out with comfy couches or chairs, etc. Thanks in advance.

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  1. arte around the corner (columbus bet 72 and 73) is probably your best bet. doesn't fit all your criteria but you may want to consider it.

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    1. re: nativeNYer

      That would've been my recommendation as well. I like their coffee and the price is right, but in the late afternoon they convert into a wine bar and service can become spotty.

    2. There's also Cafe Margot on 74th Street. No couches, but good coffee and pastries and definitely a place you can hang out for a while.

      1. The new Aroma on west 72nd street.

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        1. re: Will4Food

          muffins cafe is good. not the most comfy couches, but they do have a few tables and chairs. love their iced coffee (chris makes them the best) and their pastries are pretty good as well as coffe shops go.

          further north is joe art of coffe on 85th, which i guess is out of your way, but has great coffee.

          1. re: Will4Food

            If you want a place to sit, Aroma is ok. If you want a place to drink good coffee, Aroma is out.

            1. re: jasmurph

              agreed. went there with high hopes. dumped my coffee out. i've never done that before. it was terrible.

              1. re: FattyDumplin

                Never had their drip, but mocha/weird chocolatey drinks are usually really good, if not actually coffee. Also really good pastries.

                1. re: carcrash

                  interesting. may have to try again... their drip is swill. their pastries did look good, but i couldn't bring myself to go back after the first time.

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