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Oct 6, 2009 07:56 PM

Organic or pesticide-free apple orchard near Hamilton

Hi there,

We will be visiting family in the Hamilton area (Freelton, Milton, Campbelville) this weekend and are looking for an organic apple orchard to go apple picking at. It need not be certified, but should not use any pesticides.

Do you know of any in the area?

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  1. There's Avalon Orchards in Innisfil, which is one of very few certified-organic apple orchards in Ontario. It's about an hour's drive from Milton.

    I believe that most of the apple growers in Ontario follow an "integrated pest management program" which entails dealing with pests only after they make an appearance (if ever), rather than indiscriminately spraying throughout the apple-growing season.

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      I will ask my mother-in-law which orchard she usually goes to, and I'll call them and ask....because 'most' is not 'all'...