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Oct 6, 2009 07:38 PM

Need an after dinner bar sat night by columbus circle

hi all, could you please suggest a bar to go to saturday night after dinner 2 couples. price doesn't matter age 45. live music ok just wondering whats available. thanks...

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  1. Right at Columbus Circle, you could go up to the bar at the Mandarin Oriental, it's a lovely view. Also there's Stone Rose which is fun. Or you could walk to the Oak Bar at the Plaza, sorry I don't actually know of places with music around there.

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      I would tend to agree with bronwen and suggest you head over to the Oak Bar in The Plaza. Beautiful since it was refurbished and they have a wonderful piano player. Good place for "grown ups".

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        I like the sound of The Oak Bar...thanks

      2. re: bronwen

        I love the Mandarin Oriental's bar. Fabulous view and great drinks.

        1. re: Gigi007

          any music? is the bar in the lobby?

      3. Mandarin Oriental is very nice, as suggested. Great view. Expensive, but you said price is n/a. That would be my first move.

        Not a ton of bars right around there, know of a few hole's in the wall, but they are more for 21-23 year olds looking to drink hard on the cheap (I went to law school right near there, hence my knowing all of those spots, hehe).

        Kennedy's is a good Irish bar on 57th closer to 9th ave (bet'n 8th and 9th). Standard Irish tavern that accommodates a wide range of ages...

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          Is it possible to reserve a table at the Lobby Lounge?

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            so there's no confusion- the lobby lounge is the bar in the mandarin oriental

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              My experience is several years old at this point but my recollection was that reservations were only accepted for hotel guests. We ended up going to the other bar on the floor (don't recall name now). It was okay but frankly it kind of felt like we were exiled to a second-rate place. And with the steep price tag of drinks (an assumption, as I didn't pay) it did leave kind of a bad taste.

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            maybe Kennedys for fri late night beer...thanks

          3. Park Blue on 58th and 7th is a great low key wine bar with a very nice tapas selection. And they're open till like 4 AM on the weekends.

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              Park Blue is currently closed - says they are on vacation.