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Oct 6, 2009 07:27 PM

Family party in Chatham November 14 and 15th

We have 18 people coming to Chatham on that weekend to celebrate my Mom's life. We used to live there - back in the 70s - and she loved that part of the Cape. We're staying at the Chatham Bars Inn, mostly because it is close to where we used to live and it has (incredibly) a reasonable rate if you mention some internet deal. We'd like to find a nice place on Friday, before the memorial, which can be anywhere close to Chatham - I read reviews on Cape Sea Grille in Harwich, Pisces in Chatham, Nauset Beach Club in Orleans that looked interesting. Not sure what is best since we have not been back to the area for so long and don't know if the off-season and/or the composition of our party makes sense for those places. We were thinking about either 28 Atlantic at the Wequasset or a private dining room at the Chatham Bars Inn restaurant for the big celebration on Saturday. I got the sense from the board that people generally like 28 Atlantic but that both are expensive (with the cost issue, though, its for my Mom, so whatever is good we would do in her honor). For some reason, the Chatham Bars Inn just doesn't feel right even though we are staying there and even though our family went there from time to time 30 years ago. There was the time my Dad drove us in a boat in our bathing suits to their beachfront restaurant place and they informed us that we would need jackets (no ties) for lunch. He drove the boat back to our house and put his jacket and tie on over his bathing trunks and drove us back to the resort. I don't think they were happy with him, but we got a kick out of it. Oh, those crazy 70's. We have four families with two kids each, ranging in age from mostly in the 20s to mine at 4 and 6 (we were the laggards). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, she was a really great person. I might be biased.....

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  1. Billy-
    Yes, 28 Atlantic is wonderful, but a bit expensive. I do love Cape Sea Grille in H-port, also, Vinings Bistro in downtown Chatham. Also, Mahoney's in Orleans.
    Love the CBI story about your dad! I lived in Chatham then, too. Ah, the 70s/80s! Do we know each other?? I worked at Wequasset and The Christopher Ryder House. CBI has changed a lot... the funkiness is gone, and replaced by swankiness, but it's still a nice place. Sounds like a lovely tribute to your mom.

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    1. re: ciclista

      oh my GOSH, I grew up singing the Christopher Ryder Opera House song on the radio. I love 28 Atlantic and it's no more than a good Boston restaurant..mid 20's for an entree is fair. Views and memorable. We used to celebrate holidays at Sea Grille, Mothers Day...always good.

      1. re: phelana

        I agree, I think 28 Atlantic is a fair priced, nicer restaurant. I have no problem with their prices. I'm going this weekend!

    2. Ah yes! The Christopher Ryder song........Or how about "Hey, where ya goin? I'm goin to Thompson's Clam Bar cause that's where the tastiest clams are......." Good God I'm getting old! Agree with loving the story about CBI and the bathing suits - also with the recomendation of Vinings. You might also consider Academy Ocean Grille in Orleans for your Friday night dinner. Not quite what it was when Chris Schulz ran the kitchen but still very good. I adore Nauset Beach Club but it might be a little small for your group. Maybe with enough notice they can reserve one of the two rooms for you. I've been there many times and think that it is one of the best on the Cape. You sound like a great person - Mom must have been a terriffic lady! Hope your trip is a good one!

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        I haven't been to Chatham in a few years. Christines in town was good. A little ride but I do love The Road House in Hyannis.

        1. re: rkstrat

          Just to add to rkstrat's rec, Roadhouse would be a 20+ minute ride. Not sure your group is up for that. It's not near Chatham, the area you wish to dine. Also another thought, Pisces would be too tight for your group. Didn't Christines close?

          1. re: phelana

            Christinas did close. I always liked the Impudent Oyster, especially for mussels.

        2. re: bustopher

          Yes, bustopher, I also worked at Thompson's Clam Bar for 2 college summers! Now I'm showing my age. It was fun.

          1. re: ciclista

            I think you served me ciclista..there's my age for ya..haaaaaaaaaaaaa