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Oct 6, 2009 07:18 PM

Good food after visiting Storm King? Mountainville/West Point area...

We are headed up to visit Storm King in the next week or so, and would like a nice place to stop for lunch. We will be with family from out of town, so would prefer to stay away from chains and pizza places, looking more for cafe/bistro, good soup and sandwich, etc. Any suggestions?

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  1. A few recommendatons in the area...Hudson Street Cafe in Cornwall on Hudson (5 minutes up the road) is great. Nice atmosphere, great range of comfort food items (owner uses a lot of locally grown produce). I also like Fiddlestix Cafe on Main Street in Cornwall. Their brunch and lunches are very creative and yummy. Lastly, Painters Restaurant in Cornwall on Hudson has a pretty setting and good food. I'm not sure if Fiddlestix has a website, but I believe the other two do.

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      Thank you Jess! Those sound perfect.

    2. My husband and I had a lovely lunch at Painters restaurant in Cornwall yesterday. It was delightful. The soups were homemade, and the portions were generous with a good variety of options. It was suggested to us by a local resident who said it is their favorite. I can see why!! There are several other restaurants in town, that looked interesting. It is worth another trip back to try them.

      1. Piggybacking on this query...

        I will also be visiting Storm King soon and would like to find a place to stop by for food afterward. However, I'm more interested in getting some hot apple cider and donuts. Any recommendations in the area?


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          Jones Farm in Cornwall is about five minutes away and excellent. It's a farm and country store. They make their cider donuts all day and they are yummy!