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Oct 6, 2009 07:06 PM

Dallas: Buying Asian fish

I am new to Dallas. I live in North Dallas. I am looking to find places where fresh Asian-style fish like Mackerel / Sardines are available. Can you help me?

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  1. Super H Mart old Denton Road & 190 George Bush tollway on the NW corner has the best assort of Mackerel I have seen. They are fresh and their fish area does not smell like so many of the other markets .

    There is also Hong Kong Market in NE Dallas near Garland. It's okay but does not have the selection of Super H Mart nor is it as clean.

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      Thanks everyone. I will try out these places.

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        I was able to buy some fresh Sardines at Whole Foods in Plano.

    2. Saigon Mall @ Beltline and Jupiter in E. Richardson. Great fish selection. Many unique species and really fresh.

      1. Carrollton Plaza Supermarket also has a nice selection of fresh fish, southeast corner of Josey and Frankford in Carrollton.

        1. Check out Kazy's off of 75. They are a major fish supplier for sushi restaurants in the area and have a large variety of fresh, sushi-grade fish.