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Oct 6, 2009 06:59 PM

Vegetarian friendly in Petaluma?

Looking for one or more good vegetarian friendly restaurants on par with the great Redwood Cafe in Cotati, to be near Walnut Park where the farmer's market is held for this Saturday. Attending "Petaluma Whiskerino", the beard and mustache contest. Hey, google it!!! Two of us coming from opposite directions of the Bay area? Can you help with a suggestion or two? Thanks!

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  1. The Turkish-style spreads and prepared salads in the case at Real Doner are just about all vegetarian. With some of the homemade bread, you're set. It's just a block away from Walnut Park. Click on the Places link for more info.

    Real Doner (Gyro)
    307 F St, Petaluma, CA 94952

    1. Zazzle should fit the bill. It's a fun place. They offer a variety of dishes that you can order with chicken, shrimps or tofu. My husband loves their fish tacos (if you eat fish), they have terrific main course salads, noodle bowls and various specials. Very vegetarian friendly.

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        Went to Real Doner today as per Melanie's suggestion. Absolutely fantastic. Met the owner, told him I found him on Chowhound, which he knew about surprisingly, and later thanked him for the superb food.

        But NOT before we were given a warm welcome, and a gracious offer to help if needed. You order at the counter, but food is delivered to your table.

        I ordered the fantastic appetizer plater for myself, a vegetarian. I was graciously offered a substitution for the potato salad on this platter, which he told me had a touch of mayonnaise in it, which I never eat. He was most kind in offering me a choice of eggplant salad as an alternative. It was the highlight of the plate for me. Great stuff! It also came with one dolma, a few kalmata olives, lots of hummus, bobaganoush, tabbouleh, and a ground sweet red pepper (I think) salad infused with spicy red pepper flakes or powder. It was fantastic! Served with a beautiful basket of focaccia bread slices to use for dipping. This platter was easily enough for two. Price was at or about $10.99 if memory serves correctly.

        The daughter ordered a falafel, which came wrapped in a beautifully grilled lavosh bread. It was quite large I thought. Though I did not partake, it looked great, and the daughter thought it very tasty. All the foods on the other tables looked great, and most seating was outside. A cooler of soft drinks which looked quite large was in the back of the restaurant, and a complementary water dispenser was up front with cool water and cups. The spits of gyro meat looked great spinning on the back counter, even to a confirmed veg-head like me, formerly of the meat-head persuasion.

        I would highly recommend this place, on a side street a few blocks from the downtown stores, and will return when possible. Not often I find a place that hits all the right notes for me, but this was it. All I can say is THANK YOU to Melanie for the suggestion, and a high five to the owner for great food and a casual place. Is there any question I liked it??????

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          Great, glad you enjoyed it. The red pepper salad is called ezme. It's not available every day, so you lucked out. It's one of my favorite things there.