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Oct 6, 2009 06:51 PM

Menu hits and misses at Disney restaurants?

I saw another post somewhat recently asking for a feedback on a few Disney restaurants. I think the only ones on that list that I also have reservations for are Jiko and California Grill. Generally folks seemed to like Jiko and think CA Grill is slipping, but I didn't see any specific feedback on menu items at either. Can anyone recommend or steer me clear of specific dishes at any of the below restaurants? If that is too specific, general feedback would also be appreciated. I am a vegetarian, but the rest of my dining party love meat. Also going to Victoria & Albert's, but I already know that one is fabulous. It's one of my favorites anywhere!

California Grill
Le Cellier
Brown Derby
Rose & Crown

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Olive,

    To get the ball rolling, you can find a few specific Disney menu items rec'd here:

    1. The link below has reviews & menus of every restaurant in WDW.

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      1. re: cavandre

        Are the allears reviews relatively reliable? I don't mean to sound snobbish at all, but I just thought I would find more focused reviews by self-proclaimed foodies on here. Sometimes when relying on other sites I have been led far, far astray. I don't have experience with allears, though...

        1. re: Olive123

          Like all boards, you have to read between the lines. All Ears has its share of people that think that Disney can't do anything wrong, as well as those that don't think they can do anything right, and if you read their reviews they sort of stand out. In between those two, there's a lot of useful info on the restaurants, Most notably look at places that were ranked high but the most recent reviews show problems. The menus tend to be very current.

      2. It's been a while since i've been to some, but here are some thoughts.

        Jiko (kalamata olive flatbread excellent, berber lamb shank very good)

        California Grill (all sushi very good, goat cheese risoto excellent, goat cheese ravioli excellent, I personally don't care for the steak, desserts are all average)
        Le Cellier (Cheese soup excellent, The steaks they serve for lunch are inferior to the ones on the dinner menu, I have been told that you can upgrade if you request it. But imo even the dinner steaks are not all that great).

        Flying Fish is doing some outstanding food. The Onion Soup is the best I have ever had. Everything else on the menu is very good these days.

        Haven't been to the next three enough to comment.
        Brown Derby
        Rose & Crown

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          At a Kouzzina tasting, my very favorite item was a brussels sprouts dish, of all things. I assume it's a side, but it's spectacular. Those who enjoy spicy foods loved the lively lamb burger, but one diner who isn't used to spice couldn't eat it. The Greek salad was perfect, if simple, down to a great olive oil. The spanakopita was excellent. End your meal with a coffee frappe. I liked the beets but many found them offensively garlicky. I don't want to be inappropriately sell-y here, but throughout my Little Black Book of Walt Disney World I weave in menu standouts wherever I can.

        2. Thanks so much for all the replies so far! We have actually swapped out Jiko for Boma to accommodate a much younger diner, and we couldn't squeeze Kouzzina in. Any comments on the vegetarian dishes?

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          1. re: Olive123

            We went to Boma, it was packed, but I didnt find the food very good at all. The waitress claimed the best couscous in Disney, I would have to disagree completely, We actually enjoyed the buffet INSIDE Animal Kingdom at the Tusker House. and the couscous there was much better. the food was much better also IMO.

            1. re: Olive123

              Hubby and I are vegan and had an outstanding meal at Boma. The head chef was told we were vegan and came out to our table to point out vegan friendly items on the buffet and said he had "something very special" for us as well. Shortly after he came out with a plate of assorted items arranged as a piece of was over the top delicious.

            2. Oh I hate to see you skip Jiko - it is one of our favorites. Boma is good but not the same.

              We had a great meal at California Grille in October. The sushi is phenomenal and we loved the "tuna 3 ways". (We had to stop out 7 year old from eating it all - you can't fill up a kid on sushi - too expensive!) Also they have a great cheese tray that inspired some apple butter and candied nuts on our Thanksgiving cheese tray. And the service there is always top notch!

              I have found at all Disney fine dining - you never go wrong with the scallops. I seem to order them a lot when we are there and have never been disappointed.
              Have a magical time!