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Oct 6, 2009 06:27 PM

Prezza or Mama Maria

Going back to Boston and want to try one of the above North End restaurants. Which would you choose if you could only pick one? Or is there somewhere better?

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  1. No place better than Prezza IMHO.

    1. Prezza- these 2 places are not even on the same gourmet level- do youself a favor and go to Prezza

        1. Prezza is wonderful and more high end. Mamma Maria is also great though and has a more classic italiam american vibe but nicer.

          1. Prezza, without a doubt.

            For a second option, I'd skip Mama Maria and try Marco, Marc Orfaly's take on a Roman trattoria. But Prezza is Northend's best, without peer.

            Mama Maria is set in a nice brownstone, and they offer some romantic seating options, but the food is classic Italian-American, like your American grandmother would make.

            Not to give you too many options, but if you want Boston's best Italian, not necessarily in the Northend, check out Erbaluce--one of the most excited, innovative restaurants in the city right now.

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              No way most people's American grandma is making seared scallops w/ poached fennel and rabbit pappardelle w/ crispy pancetta. While MM is a little more traditional, it's not like it's serving giant platters of ziti. I think it's more a question of wanting a quieter, more romantic type place vs. a bustling scene.