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Farmer's Markets - Briarcliff Manor, Ossining area

Hey all,

New to this area and wondering about the farmer's markets here.

Would love recommendations, locations, all the pertinent info.


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  1. lots of info on this, there is one in ossining saturd am am, tarrytown sat am, but many all over 914

    1. The saturday am market in Hastings ( library parking lot) is great and Wed afternoon/evening ( 4:30-8) in Irvington ( Main Street School parking lot) a smaller version but many of the same vendors. Also great and closer to you. Welcome to the area!!

      1. I'd do a search on this board. There have been many threads on this topic. Here's one recent one with a list someone compiled by location and day of the week:

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          Thanks everyone.
          I eat a lot...: I did check this board before I posted and didn't find anything. I guess I didn't look all the way back to May. Thanks so much for finding that thread.

          Where's the best place to find parking for the Ossining market?

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            There's a lot across the street from the market, and tons of meter parking along Main Street.

        2. There is a nice (small, but the selection is just right) farmers market in Croton-on-Hudson--just a few miles north of Briarcliff) on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Plenty of good stuff even if you come after work.

          Let me know if you'd like driving directions.

          1. Last year they also had an indoor Farmer's Market in the winter in Briarcliff, hopefully they will have that again this year. Here is the link about that...... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/623717

            1. Ossining's market is a very good one. Nice for strolling, seeing your neighbors, and lots of vendors to choose from. The link below will give you hours, location and vendors. Parking in the lot that you access from the post office entrance is easiest & no meters. Get there early (before 10) for best selection. Try Bread Alone, Calkins Creamery is making some interesting & lovely cheeses, I like Kiernan Farm for their grass-fed beef, and there's still nothing better than a well-grilled Dines Farm hot dog! Pickle-licious is ubiquitous, but delicious nonetheless.
              I also really like Pleasantville's market--it's location makes strolling around much more crowded than Ossining's set-up, but Rainbeau Ridge is there with their excellent goat cheeses, as well as Dutch Desserts which is making some delicious pies & tarts.

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                best place in ossining imho iis..... farms, organic veggies outstanding,,, taliaferro farms?? name check please- thx

              2. The Ossining and Peekskill markets are good. As is Croton's (on Wednesdays).

                My blog did a round-up of area markets back in June: