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Oct 6, 2009 06:07 PM

Scent: Oven dinners. Question for you: What has the all time best cooking aroma in your house?

I am making Eggplant Parmesan and it smells absolutely amazing in my home. I'll even go so far as to say I am proud! It made me consider: is this the best cooking smell coming from my oven ever? Hard to say. Roast Chicken is high on the list. My mom made a beef stew that my cat would sit in front of the stove just to savor the smell of. Obviously, desserts fit the list too, but I was thinking of dinner items. But whatever. Right now the Eggplant is wonderful, but I think if I had to pick an ALL TIME favorite I would say a roast chicken and yams. What is your favorite oven cooking aroma?

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  1. Simple roast chicken always seems to get the most attention.

    1. Would HAVE to be roast turkey, hands down, in our little family. Sons can barely contain themselves before I pull it out of the oven.

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      1. re: Val

        The roast turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Either that or my MIL's lasagne.

      2. Nach Waxman's Beef Brisket! Makes my whole house and entire neighborhood (!) smell like Jewish Heaven (even tho' there's no such thing...). Second on Sam's roast chicken. Third on baking anything-bread, cinnamon rolls, or choco-chip cookies; which I'm about to pop in the oven in an hour or two. adam

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        1. re: adamshoe

          I hear you. Roast chicken wins for me - when you bake a yam with it the scent is incredible!

          1. re: SamuelAt

            Sweet potato in the oven, the smell is just wonderful

            1. re: roro1831

              I agree! For me, because I grew up with that - especially in cold months, that aroma spells comfort. I think I will be making that Sunday.

        2. Is it cheating if I say the smell of french onion soup just finishing under the broiler? Oh, how I loved the smell of the kitchen on french onion soup days. I have got to figure out how to do that one gluten free so I can eat it again.

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          1. re: Vetter

            No cheat at all! That sounds amazing and I can "picture" it!

          2. It's a tie between a well-buttered roasting turkey and baking bread. How does anyone pick just one favorite?