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Oct 6, 2009 05:59 PM

Cedars/Skippack Recommendations?

We moved from Central Bucks to Upper Gwynedd about a year ago. We've been exploring in the Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting, East Norriton, and North Wales areas. Today we went through Cedars and Skippack on our way to Reading and noticed a whole bunch of eating places. We're looking for suggestions for B/L/D.

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  1. Welcome to the 'hood. Not to hog the post, I'll give you my top four in the region:
    1.) Parc Bistro in Skippack
    2.) Mainland Inn in Mainland (about 2 mi. N. of the Lansdale exit of the Tpk.) Excellent brunch
    3.) Fuzion in Center Point (Rt. 73 and Rt. 363)
    4.) Abacus - Chinese (Sumneytown Pike at and Rt. 363)


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      Thanks Chefpaulo. We've been to two of the four - Mainland, which we've been to many times and really like, and Abacus which we've been to once and didn't like. We'll have to give the others a try.

      1. re: bucksguy14

        So sorry you didn't like Abacus. Owner Joe Chen runs a tight ship there and wants to know when patrons are not happy. What was not to your liking? I'll tell him.

        I was reluctant to recommend Mainland Inn as it is one of our"best kept secret" restaurants that we don't blab about. But for 39 years in the area, I've never been disappointed.

        At Parc Bistro, call ahead to find out if Chef Schoeppe is preparing his Lobster Risotto with asparagus tips and sour cherries. It is an app (easily for two) that cannot be missed.

        Fuzion is Ly Michael's suburban offshoot that has done well out here at Center Point. I've liked everything I've had there. BYO.


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          We gave Abacus another try for lunch today. I had Egg Drop Soup, which I really liked after I peppered-it-up, and Chicken Abacus Style which thought was pretty good. My wife had her "base" meal - Hot & Sour Soup and Veggie Lo Mein. She wasn't happy with either. She said Lai Lai Garden's H&S is much better and she hated the shredded lettuce in the Lo Mein. I liked it enough to try it again for dinner, she's really iffy. I guess that means I'll be trying some take out from Abacus and she'll be eating something else!

          I'm looking forward to trying Fuzion and she's ready to give Parc Bistro a visit. We'll report back after we have been to each.

          1. re: bucksguy14

            How goes the phrase, "degustibus non disputandum est?" (Pardon my spelling and faulty approximation of, "Taste cannot be disputed." ) We all have as many varied preferences of palate as we have for art, music and literature. I'm glad you're willing to open new doors - as we do everytime we enter a new dining establishment.


    2. Not really sure why the whole thread/discussion about Restaurant Rosalie from yesterday got removed....... So I will post my thoughts again.

      Rosalie is located in Cedars (same location as Alison's first restaurant), and is truly a gem. The cooking technique is sous vide, which separates it from most other restaurants out there! Their menu is posted on the website, so be sure to look at the menu for that week.

      Incidentally, we went last night and had prime beef short ribs. So tender and flavorful - in the sous vide for 48+ hours. As usual everything was delicious!

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      1. re: EpicurBurbs

        My guess is because of the comments made by Rocket about the Mainland Inn rather than those made about Cafe Rosalie.

        That said, a moderator explanation when threads are deleted would be nice.

      2. I would suggest that you try Gaya on Skippack Pike. If you're not familiar with Korean food, begin with the house kalbi grilled at your table. Ask your server to show you how to wrap them in lettuce with a little bean paste and rice.

        Tamarindo's is also really good though very very very very very very loud.

        I can't say that we have been happy with anything in Skippack though we will occasionally visit Tokyo on a pleasant evening and dine on the deck. It is a pretty spot and the food is just fine but nothing to write home about. Parc Bistro is not unpleasant but very suburbann (it's a good place to eat an appetizer and have a few drinks) and Brasseries 73 has served us too many lousy meals for us to even think of going back.

        Trinacria is quite good if you are in the mood for Italian, it is a little spendy but good.

        We're headed to Rosalie next week and I hope that it will be good.

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        1. re: Kater

          Curious what you thought of Restaurant Rosalie. We had dinner there again on Friday night.

        2. Along with Restaurant Rosalie, which we have been to twice now - I enjoy Hotel Fiesole - the downstairs restaurant has just a few tables and a really nice bar - be sure to say hi to my favorite bartender "Timmy" while there. They have great entrees and if you go during the week, they have less expensive bar food that you can enjoy with their martinis, numerous wine and beer choices or be really brave and try the "Green Fairy" made with Absinthe - quite the production to see this drink made. The bar has a copper top and is a very classy place to spend an evening.

          1. Just thought of two more for bucksguy14 - BTW - we moved to Harleysville from Warminster 10 years ago and love it out here. From The Boot just opened a second location in Ambler. It's a BYOB Italian restaurant that has been in Lafayette Hill for many years. Have not been there yet, but it's definitely on our list - Heard great things about it from several people. Also - Restaurant Rosalie just added Sunday Brunch so you may want to try that if you feel like great food on a Sunday morning. Another place we like is Melodia Grille in Souderton. Also a BYOB run by a married couple. Seems to be the trend.

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            1. re: curly girl

              curly girl - we're running in the same circles. We've liked FTB in LH and have been to the one in Ambler a few times (love the much shorter commute too!). We've also been to Melodia Grille a few times and thoroughly enjoy it. Have not tried Rosalie yet, but it's on the "to do" list. Any other BYOs you like?