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Oct 6, 2009 05:41 PM

Culinary Festivals in Canada

I don't think Toronto (or Canada) has a culinary festival that focuses on our own culinary industry. I'm referring to a festival that showcases great Canadian chefs (established and rising stars), Canadian wine, and all things culinary (ie. techniques. local food suppliers, etc) Perhaps I'm wrong? Does anyone know of/have attended any that you can refer me to?

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  1. I don't know of any large festivals there are a couple of wine and food shows held at the International Centre in Mississauga I think they are around March/April time (or at least that is when they were this year).

    Also, Saturday 17 October there is International Chef's day where a selection of chefs will be showing and selling their creations (I believe for around $2/$3 per portion) at Yonge Dundas Square.

    If anyone knows of any others then I too would love to hear about them.

    1. does the brickworks picnic not count? it's not over several days but it seems to cover what you want.

      if anything i think most festivals cover a lot of what you're looking for, there are certainly few festivals importing non-canadian chefs. local food is a booming trend and so many events revolve around it (whether well done or poorly) but they't not necessarily festival style. there are also a tonne of festivals that statlander participates in that are very much local focused and again, won't be importing chefs from around the world.

      1. Went to Feast of Fields at the Kortright Centre a few weeks ago--lots of local restaurants represented as well as Ontario wineries and local breweries. All cooking outdoors over open fires or similar, great event where you can actually talk to the chefs, see what they are doing, taste all local, mostly organic goods. Eat To the Beat at Massey Hall on Tuesday supported a great cause and focused on local women in the food/drink industry and again got up close and personal to the chefs and many of the women running things behind the scenes in TO.

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          Haven't heard of Feast of Fields before. I'll look it up on the net. Thanks.