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Oct 6, 2009 05:33 PM

3 meals in Portland with the kids


My wife and I are heading up to Portland on Saturday for the day.

We'll have breakfast, lunch and dinner there (and most likely the children's museum at some point).

My girls are 4,7 and 7. They eat everything.

Can anyone suggest a place for each meal. Casual is preferred, counter service is fine. Maybe a food market, bakery or a brewery tour as well?

I've read some good things about Hot Suppa and Duckfat.

Thanks for any help.

Mark Adamowicz
Sutton, MA

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  1. You should take them to Silly's for supper, Flatbread for lunch. The inverse will produce hideously long waits. Possibly Porthole for breakfast, but others may have better or more recent suggestions. My 7 year old also loves the bubble tea store, Bubblemainea, on Commercial St.

    The Shipyard Brewery is less than a mile from Silly's and gives a pretty fun tour, but it might be a little over the head of a four-year-old. I don't know if the bottling line runs on Saturdays, but they give tours even when they're not bottling.

    1. We don't have a food market, but since you're going to be there on a Saturday, the farmers' market in Deering Oaks Park is definitely at its peak this time of year.

      1. I agree w/ Hot Suppa and Porthole as breakfast options but another option which is close to Children's Museum is Marcy's...a good "greasy spoon" type place w/ diverse crowd.

        Marcy's Breakfast & Lunch
        47 Oak St, Portland, ME 04101

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          My kids loved Silly's, but still love Susan's Fish & Chips. Deep fried ice cream? BYOB for the Rents.

        2. My kids are about the same ages as yours. I have no serious disagreements with any of the recommendations here, but for lunch I'd suggest Bonobo instead of Flatbread (in the West End, walkable from the children's museum).

          I like the Port Hole for breakfast, or the Good Egg (in the same space as Pepperclub, across the street from Duckfat.)

          The problem with Duckfat with kids is that they only eat the fries.

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            Perhaps you have not met my kids :)

            Thanks everyone for all of the help.

          2. I have to put a vote in for Duck fat - everytime I visit portland I make a point to stop there. I love love love it. and I also love their pannini w/marscapone and blueberry jam....mmmmmm....

            I haven't been to Sillys, but loved Susan's fish and chips.

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              here's the followup (copied from an email I wrote to a friend)

              hit the road on saturday around 7, pulled into hot suppa! around 9am:


              cool place, very home-y looking. Young, hipster-ish crowd and help. I got the corned beef has with a couple poached eggs.I didn't even know corned beef hash existed. Unbelievable. My wife got a breakfast burrito and the kids split pancakes and french toast with gooood maine syrup. All was aweosme, but that corned beef hash was the star.

              Walked breakfast off around Portland for a few hours after breakfast. Around every corner there were unbeleivable food stores and wine stores. Like a foodie dream. One place has about 18 steel vats of oils and vinegars to try. These places were all packed. I could have spent all day in them.

              Went here and grabbed a couple steamed prok dumplings to go before hopping on a ferry ride to Peaks island and back. Cool little bubble team place with some asian snacks, like a place I see in chinatown in boston.


              Went to Standard Baking Co. for some molasses cookies and a chocolate croissant. Gooood.


              Walked around some more in and out of all of the shops.Picked up and promptly drank a beer made by these guys, they must be small as I only saw it in one place, but it was fantastic:


              bought it here:


              I found the greatest bookstore in the world. Rabelais. Nothing but old and new books on food. I bought a memoir on eating chiense food there.This is a foodie book dream store:


              We went to an cool italian grocery store. The pizza in the back was long sold out but we bought some wine, mixed olives and a chunk of cheese for snackig later.Also bought some house made vodka sauce...we'll see how that is.

              Took a tour of the Shipyard brewery after that and bought some Stout and some of their homemade sodas after that.


              We went to dinner at Duckfat. Wow. Had a couple local beers on tap. The girls and my wife got a tuna and a meatloaf panini and we also got fries made in duck fat.I got the poutine....fries, duck gravy and covered in maine cheese. Food coma food.Wow. The owner has a fancier place down the street, but this place is his way more causal place. He won the James Bread award for 2009 best chef of the Northeast...


              Made a quick stop at Browne Trading Company before heading out to get some house smoked salmon tartare and a nice bottle of maple syrup. Again, one of the many over the top food stores:


              No good/affordable/vacant hotels were really available. So the night before we found Beach Farm Inn in Wells. We got a 2 bedroom cottage with a kitchen for $120....awesome.


              After the kids went to sleep,we enjoyed some of the stuff we bought earlier in the day.Nice to stay at a place where you could close bedroom doors and not be trapped in a single room with 3 kids at 8pm :


              We headed to Congdons Donughts in Wells in the morning. 40 people were in line and it's been around 50years. Hands down the best doughnuts I have had in my life. The kids and jessica got coconut and cinnamon and I got a blueberry fritter and a light light raises sugar donut. I eat donuts twice a year maybe and these were the real deal.


              Drove to Ogunquit and walked along the beach on the Marginal Way cliff wlak thing.Wow. Super gorgeous. Never been up there.

              Then we drove to York Beach which was packed for the last big weekend of the year. The girls got some saltwatrer taffy from Goldenrod which my wife used to go to as a kid quite a bit. The girls played inthe arcade a little bit as well and we walked aorund the beach.


              Then we drove to Kittery for a couple quick stops.I bought some apple and hickory smoker chips at the Kittery Trading post.

              We ended the weekend at Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier. Last weekend of the year for this place. A pier on a creek. BYOB. About 15 minutes outside of Kittery. We had a fresh crab sandwich, steamers, onion rings and right before we left decided to get a lobster roll and some chili. Some people even brought their own table clothes and wine and glasses. This was a real deal Maine experience...they pull the water slat water they boil the lobsters in right out of the creek...


              I think that is it:


              Mark Adamowicz

              1. re: markadamowicz

                Glad you had a good time, and thanks for the report!

                1. re: markadamowicz

                  great report and sounds like you had a fabulous time
                  Thank you for enjoying the great Portland area and the State of Maine

                  1. re: markadamowicz

                    Wow, thanks for the report...might be heading there this weekend, so we'll be ready! A few of these places are in this months BA...Portland is their top food city this year!