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Oct 6, 2009 04:25 PM

Pittsburgh Recs

Heading to Pittsburgh this weekend and looking for some dining recs. Looking for things that are unique to Pittsburgh. Was definetely going to hit Primanti Brothers to check out how the sandwiches are. Anything other recs? Not really looking for fine dining.

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  1. Go to Yo Rita. Creative and delicious. Really remarkable. Today's special was cock's comb taco. Where ya gonna get something like that?

    Go to Fat Head's. Visitors have to go to Primanti's, but you really want to eat a headwich.

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    1. re: yayadave

      I was interested in Yo Rita until I saw the menu. It might taste good but it's not very Mexican, is it? I'm now wondering, does it even taste good? I'd like more opinions on this joint.

      No interest in Primati's or Headwich. This is why my friends think Pittsburgh is a crappy food city.

      1. re: Ericandblueboy

        I don't think Yo Rita is trying to be authentic Mexican, although Kevin Sousa has them using some very traditional Mexican ingredients that even "authentic" Mexican restaurants don't use. Yo Rita is definitely worth the trip.

        People think Pittsburgh is a crappy food city because the only thing you ever hear about Pittsburgh when it comes to food are the three Ps: pierogies, Primanti's, and Pamela's. But while it doesn't have the diversity of food styles or the quantity of finer restaurants, it definitely has its fair share of restaurants that know what they are doing and are doing it well.

        1. re: Whigsboy

          What are some of the better Yo Rita tacos you've tried?

        2. re: Ericandblueboy

          Well, my suggestions were to Zboy and the information in his post. Since everything in your post is negative, it sounds like all you want to do is dump on Pittsburgh. Oh, that's right, you have your own thread. You want to go to an upscale place with your friends and their infant. If I had any suggestions of a restaurant where you could inflict yourselves, I would have made them on your thread. So here's a suggestion. Stay home!

        3. re: yayadave

          Thanks for this post. We were just in Pittsburgh and because of this thread, went to Yo Rita's. We had a really great meal (black-eyed pea taco - with spiced rice krispies!, and 3 other tacos - all wonderful and fun). I would have never known about this place or suspected how good it was. Earlier in the day, we had a cooked-on-the-street taco in the strip district, that was pretty darned good as well (too hungry to wait till Yo Rita opened at 4 pm).

          1. re: MarietteB

            It's all about a sense of adventure and being open to things. Glad you liked it.

        4. YayaDave,
          Thanks for the recs! Fat Heads looks like exactly the food I am looking for. How are the wings there? Got a particular sandwich suggestion? I am staying on 6th street but will have a car, is it far from there?

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          1. re: Zboy

            i like fatheads! their wings are great and they have chargrilled wings too which adds a nice flavor. I also like Yo Rita a lot. fatheads is probably less than 10 min from you. i'm guessing when you say 6th ave you are downtown? sixpenn is pretty good too. I recently rediscovered Tessaro's in bloomfield. if you want a really kick butt burger, I highly recommend it. also really like point brugge in point breeze for frites and moules. All are 10 min drives from your hotel.

            1. re: Zboy

              If you're staying at the Renaissance downtown, it is not far. It is right on Carson Street, which is the main drag in the South Side. This is not a bad part of town, by the way. Lots of bars and restaurants. There's a parking lot right across the street from Fathead's.

            2. "Unique to Pittsburgh" opens up a can of worms... we could send you to Beto's Pizza, which may well be the single worst excuse for 'pizza' in the world, but is "uniquely Pittsburgh" :-)

              Fathead's has sandwiches a lot of people seem to like, but truthfully, you can find Fathead's-type places in any city.

              For a truer "Pittsburgh" experience w/o the Primantis, I'd suggest the following:
              - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern (Polish), or Tessaros (excellent burgers) a block up the street.
              - Gooskis (Polish in a dive bar with good beer selection and great jukebox).
              - Big Jims in the Run (even dumpier than Gooskis but with amazing sandwiches).
              - Original Hot Dog Shop (a.k.a. Dirty O), a grimy college institution with grilled dogs and huge bricks of undrained fries
              - Point Brugge Cafe, more mussels imported here than anywhere in PA. You go for the mussels and frites and Belgian beer.
              - Speaking of which, Sharp Edge Creekhouse - largest selection of Belgian beers in the US with better than average bar food

              Those would be my "Unique to Pittsburgh" choices as opposed to Primantis. But that's only because I'm sick of taking out of town guests to Primantis.

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              1. re: Panini Guy

                Panina Guy makes some great suggestions (although I think he's wrong about Beto's Pizza, LOL). Each one of these is unique and they all have pretty good food. Primanti's is a good stop for tourists (hell, I had to take some out of town friends there yesterday) I would far rather visit the places he recommended. All are very unique. If you make it to Big Jim's, you might want to try the Veal Parm sandwich. You won't leave hungry, that's a promise!


                1. re: Panini Guy

                  Speaking of "Unique to Pittsburgh," how about Yo Rita. Oh, I said that before.

                  1. re: yayadave

                    Let me second the rec of Yorita. I've been in Pgh for some time, but largely grew up in LA. There are sometimes authentic Mexican foods (i.e., menudo) on the menu, but plenty of veg-friendly tacos. Mostly its very good food served with a real sense of style. Reasonably good, if not great, margaritas (I prefer my own, I must admit). Nice wine if you don't want cocktails. 2 days ago, we took a couple of friends there who live in NY; they liked the ambiance, the prices, above all, the food!

                    1. re: yayadave

                      I'm a HUGE fan of Yo Rita now. I don't know anything about "authentic" Mexican but in this case I don't care. It's good stuff!