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Oct 6, 2009 04:24 PM

Where to get DogFishHead Punkin Ale?

Anybody know where to get DogFIshHead Punkin Ale in DC? Close to Capitol Hill would be best. Thanks. Jones'n for it.

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  1. Hi. You're in luck - Schneiders has it in 4 packs for $10.99. I just tried it last night and it's better than pumpkin pie!

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      you can go to for where else you might be able to find it

    2. Do you mean DC area....or DC proper? If by some chance it's former, both the Gaithersburg and Fairfax outposts of Dogfish Head Alehouse list Punkin Ale on tap,

      1. I was in DC (dupont circle area) maybe a month ago, and the whole foods there mentioned that they were expecting to get the punkin ale soon. So that may be an option to check out. (I managed to buy a case for myself last time I swung through Baltimore so I'm still a happy camper).


        1. I saw them at Whole Foods in Arlington, so perhaps it's worth calling the DC location?

          1. This belongs in the beer forum. Anyway it's become really popular. I've seen it at every place micros are sold. It used to be difficult to find, but not anymore.