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Oct 6, 2009 03:37 PM

Bakery or breakfast near Parc La Fontaine

Can I please get some suggestions for good bakeries walking distance from Parc La Fontaine?
Looking for breads, pastries, croissants for breakfast. It does not have to be a sit-in place.

Also, where can I find good coffee in the area? Preferably espresso, but a strong flavourful coffee will do.

I did a search on the board, however, since I am not familiar with the area, it's hard to identify the candidates. :-)


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  1. Kouig Aman on Mont-Royal near Hotel de Ville has the most amazing croissants...
    As for coffee you can try Cafe Neve on Rachel.


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      Thanks! Where exactly is the bakery located? I tried to google it but I could not get an address nor any reference to it.

      1. re: blue bike

        That's cause it wasn't spelled quite right. ;-)

        Kouign Amann
        322, Mont-Royal Est

        1. re: kpzoo

          OMG, I am in trouble. :-)))

          Thanks for posting the links!!!

          1. re: blue bike

            Let us know what your favourites are after you try it. I haven't been yet, but those photos are definitely drool-worthy... :-)

            1. re: kpzoo

              I prefer the butter croissant at Fous Desserts but the almond croissant at Kouign Amann is the best for me.

              When I am lucky I can also buy the cheese croissant/bread/something.

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        neve is great for cheap and quick breakfast and decent coffee but artjava on mont royal and st hubert has great coffee and a menu that is a bit more adventurous. if you go a bit further the sparrow(st laurent and maguire i believe) has excellent brunches sat-sunday and the coffee is getting better. be prepared to wait though, last weekend we waited 35 minutes. good thing it was worth it!

      3. There is Mr Pinchot on the corner of Marie-Anne and Brébeuf and Les délices du Plateau on Laroche/Marie-Anne.

        1. Boulangerie Monsieur Pinchot is very close to Parc Lafontaine at 4354 rue de Brebeuf. Very good baguettes and croissants. Kouign Amann is very great too but quite a bit further from the park. Lots of cafes in the area including Velo Quebec's Le Café Bicicletta where some poets I know like to hang out.

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            Concerning Monsieur Pinchot I have to say I have been very disappointed lately. The last couple of baguettes I've bought from there have been comparable to supermarket ones, and the lemon meringue tart my husband bought on Tuesday was vile to be honest! A stale tasting pastry, topped with an average lemon curd, topped with a very sugar-gritty meringue. Yuck! A real shame...
            Anyone else had a similar experience?

          2. Great list. Thank you, everyone.

            1. Little bit of a walk due north up prettty Plateau streets from parc Lafontaine is boulangerie Le Fromentier on Laurier east. Well worth the walk. I second Caffè Bicicletta at la Maison des cyclistes - nice place, beautiful view of the park.

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              1. re: lagatta

                Les Co'pains d'Abord bakery is opening up a new little outlet on Rachel near St-Denis soon, so that is another possibility.

                1. re: Plateaumaman

                  Sooner than I thought, actually as Les Co'pains d'Abord is on Rachel is open. We already picked up a croissant and a apricot tart and I think their little tourtieres are going to be very handy for school lunches around here!