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whole smoked turkey

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I want to buy a whole smoked turkey for a party (not Thanksgiving) I will be giving at the end of November. Where in Toronto should I buy it? Preferably downtown, but absolutely not Scarboro, Mississauga, etcetera.

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  1. Call DSM Foods 905-738-0611-caterers/brokers who supply lots of high end-grocers and restaurants (they provide Kaplansky's with pickles). Great products and they deliver. Have used them over 10 times and have never been disapointed.

    1. Viking on Laird.

      They also 'slice and reassemble' (additional cost) so you can just serve.

      I've been getting mine there for 15 years - and the carcass is the secret ingredient I use in my soups - make stock from it.

      1. I have seen them at Longos and, perhaps, Costco. They are from Brandts. You might want to give Brandts a call to see if they supply to any stores in your area.

        1. Nortown has been consistently excellent (though I haven't had one in a few years). You must order these in advance. The "smoked turkey" they sell in the stores is deli meat. These are whole birds, pre-carved and reassembled.

          1. Steeles Deli has a good one as well. They must be ordered in advance.

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              caplanskys smokes there own try them!

            2. this place will make one up for you they need 3 days advance notice though.


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              1. I saw them yesterday in Scarborough so this doesn't help you. Fu Yao supermarket (Danforth Rd and Birchmount) at 3-99 a pound, non-frozen. Top shelf, For some reason I think they were near the dairy section.

                1. Costco in the US carries whole smoked turkeys in the US around Thanksgiving time, maybe they have it in Toronto?
                  I've bought them and have been very satisfied with the price and quality.

                  1. I buy my smoked turkey for xmas for years from here. Small but friendly place.


                    1. Because Viking burned down this week, I need a substitute (fairly quickly).
                      Where did you eventually go - and how was it?
                      And if anyone else chimes in I prefer the 'sliced & reassembled' version.

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                        Give The Honey Glazed Ham Company a call. I've never had their smoked turkey, but their hams are outstanding.

                        Their web site sucks and it is impossible to find anything about their smoked turkeys, other than the fact that they have them. Easier to just call. With the hams, you can pick up directly from them (north of the airport), or you can order through the various stores that carry their products, which include Summerhill Market and Sherwood Market.


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                          Thanks - they currently have their phone switched to FAX - I'll try again later!

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                            Call DSM foods-905-738-0611. Have used them over 10 times and have always been very satisfied.

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                          I'd still suggest Nortown - order a whole bird sliced and put back on the frame. They don't stock these in their stores.

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                            I got a Nortown smoked turkey, sliced and reassembled, at the Bayview Ave. and York Mills Rd. branch, a couple of months ago. Ordered in advance, it was about 12 pounds (just about the smallest size you can order), cost $103 - and it was delicious. Can't wait for an excuse to do it again.

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                              Thanks guys,
                              Was out-of-town on the weekend and got a message from Lisa (from Viking).
                              Apparently they 'outsourced' the slicing/reassembling and we're chasing down the person who does that. However, Nortown is our 'strong backup' - we need about 10 birds (up to 300 people), so volume is an issue - and I've delegated the follow-up. But now the prospects are excellent, as the option to 'slice by contract' expands the turkey pool considerably.

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                                Thanks again,
                                Ordered 12 birds from Nortown. About 15% more expensive than Viking.
                                But we'll do the 'taste test' next week!

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                                  First the good news. It's a good quality turkey, well-smoked and tasty.
                                  Now the 'bad'. The slicing is just OK. Slices are 2-3 times as thick as those I previously got from Viking, and less of the carcass was carved off.
                                  That's great for me who uses the carcass for my 'smoky stock' - and gives me more left-over turkey than I can ever eat.
                                  But for the event it meant we ran out of turkey about an hour earlier than 'normal' (people tend to get a 'couple of slices' (say) but with fewer slices available, the turkey disappeared too early).
                                  And - to emphasize, no complaints on the taste.

                                  Here's hoping that Viking gets back on its feet real soon.