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Oct 6, 2009 03:12 PM

What to do with stew meat

Hey Chow, Any ideas on what to do with 1 12lb of stew beef? I do not want a stew or soup. Thanks!

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  1. You can cook it down in a crock pot until you can shred it for ... hot or cold roast beef sandwiches, use in beef stroganoff, beef a-la-king over rice and can also be used in place of hamburger in sloppy joes.

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      Adding to boyzoma, you could make barbeque beef in the crockpot, too! Cook til it shreds and add some barbeque sauce...(drain off any fat)...serve on rolls with lovely coleslaw on the side...or potato salad.

          1. Stroganoff is another option....

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              No, stroganoff requires a high-quality cut that will be tender when quick seared and still pink in the middle. True stroganoff is NOT a slow-cooked dish.

              I'd go with braising it until tender with plenty of salt and whole peppercorns, then shred it for use in Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes.