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Oct 6, 2009 02:57 PM

In search of a mid-range ($$) option.

We are headed to Paris, (first-timers) and will be there over the Thanksgiving (US) Holiday. (Late November). Since we will be out of the country for the holiday, I thought I would treat my family to a nice meal on Thursday, the day of the holiday, to make up for the fact that we will be missing the state-side feast. Most of our other dinners will be at bistros often recommended here that have set menus around E30-E45, and places like Frenchie, L'Ami Jean, Chez Denise and such. But for our one "nicer" meal, we are looking for something a step up in decor where we can dress nicely and feel a bit more sophisticated. Can't spend Guy Savoy or Cinq type money. Is there someplace that fits the bill with nice decor (deco or nouveau would be nice) and very good food that will run more like E50-E80 per person? French cuisine preferred, and either meat or seafood is perfectly acceptable. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Both Alexander Lobrano and I (independently) have found the Jardin d'Ampere to fit that bill (note Colette's and my meal was under 100 E but that was lunch, it'll go into your range at dinner.
    Jardin d'Ampere (Hotel Ampere
    )102, ave de Villiers in the 17th, (Metro: Wagram)
    Closed Sundays at dinner
    Costing 40-80 a la carte but with lunch formula/menus at 24 and 28 €.

    John Talbott

    1. If your nicer meal is a lunch, places like Le Paris, Gérard Besson or la Table de Joël Robuchon fit the bill. If you're willing to expand your budget a tiny bit, places like Le Cinq, Lasserre, La Grande Cascade do too.

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        Just got back and I strongly second Le Paris. A quiet, lovely room, highly professional service; full of French businessmen. Beautiful presentation and really lovely, tasty food. A real luxurious feeling treat. What makes the 60 Euro lunch menu (including water, coffee, etc.) a REAL bargain is that you can choose any entree, plat and dessert on the carte, even the lobster, steak, etc. One glass of wine with much lunch is bit skimpy for me, but adding the cost of one more is not too much. I bit for a glass of champagne and even though it was Bollinger, 22 Euros was a bit steep.