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Oct 6, 2009 02:33 PM

Playa Bites the Dust

Per Eater -

"One of the most notoriously doomed restaurant spaces in the city has just taken its latest victim. Multiple tipsters report that Playa, a Pan-Latin spot on 5th Avenue and President Street, closed over the weekend. In just the last three years the space has been home to Playa, Lookout Hill, Biscuit BBQ, and Night & Day. Before that it was fusion joint Bibi's. "

You can talk about a cursed location but there was one other thing all those failed restaurants had in common - they were all bad.

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  1. Totally agree- I had the worst cuban sandwich there.

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    1. re: AimeeD

      If the pattern holds we can soon look forward to a different kind of bad food.

      1. re: Bob Martinez

        I ordered delivery from Bibi's a few times and I quite liked it. Nothing fancy, but pretty good sandwiches and fries and stuff.

        I had very high hopes for Night & Day, but had a terrifically bad dinner there in its first few weeks. Even though the owner offered to comp us our next meal, we never went back for dinner. We did have a decent sunday brunch with jazz music once, but, really, who cares?

        Went to Biscuit in its incarnation there once and it was about the same as the original Biscuit incarnation. I wanted it to be good BBQ, but it really just wasn't all that good.

        Never went to Lookout Hill or Playa but, given how empty Playa always seemed to be, I am not surprised to hear it closed.

        Truthfully, though, I'd rather have a mediocre local restaurant in that space than another realtor or bank. The space really has potential -- its a high traffic area, corner spot, outdoor seating area -- eventually someone has to come in and make something work, right?

    2. What all those places had in common was *ownership*. They kept trying new incarnations, and never quite getting the pasta to stick to the wall, if you know what I mean. I too tried a few meals, never delicious enough to go back given all the good options in this world.

      I'm totally curious about El Jalapeno opening across the street and just down the block on President, in the why-here Delicious On The Slope space. If they could manage some authentic Mexican (and not Calexico or Maria's style, both within a block of this location) it would be tacos please?