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Oct 6, 2009 02:06 PM

Durham, NC - Guglhupf Dinner

Starting tonight, Guglhupf is serving dinner. Menu is small but looks good.

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  1. I'm disappointed they don't have more German stuff on their menu. :(

    1. Has anyone tried the dinner menu at Guglehupf? And this may sound like a silly, "un-Chowhoundish" question, but do they do tablecloths at night?

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        Yes, they do tablecloths at night. The lighting is very warm and inviting. =) I've been once and blogged about it. Didn't try the entrees but did have a couple of small plates and sharing plates--I'd pass on the latkes because the latke portion is too small, but the kaseplate and duck confit salad was good and dessert, of course, is divine. Focus seems to be on simple ingredients paired together. You should give it a try!

        Guglhupf Bakery & Patisserie
        2706 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707

        1. re: durhamois

          My bf and I went the other night - there were paper thingies on the table, BUT the lighting was fantastic, I have to say and there were candles on the tables. I've always had mixed feelings about the space, but the lighting really works. Romansperson is right, it's not German in a big way, but the food was delicious. We had some small dishes, including two based on German standards: one was the Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake) and it's a lot like an oniony quiche with cream and caraway seeds. It was very nice. The other was a very loose interpretation of a southern classic: Maultaschen - which I've always described to friends as southern German ravioli. You could never actually call these Maultaschen on a menu in a restaurant in Germany, but they were a delicious vegetarian version, filled with sweet potato and blue cheese and served in a leek cream sauce with a little salad. Really good. The owner said that they vary the fillings, generally making them a vegetarian-friendly dish. Her favorite are the mushroom-filled ones. I'm going to look out for those - bet they're delicious. We were fairly full so we didn't have dessert, but they definitely looked good enough to go back for. I could see going in for dessert alone at some point. I definitely think it's worth giving Guglhupf a try for dinner.

          1. re: suse

            That seems to be something that is missing from the Durham/Chapel Hill area.. A J. Betski's type place... Would be interesting to see what would happen if Guglhupf started producing that type of fare.