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Oct 6, 2009 01:27 PM

Barclay Prime - GREAT!

Service and ambiance were wonderful right from the start. I am from NYC and have been to the best steakhouses, but none have this decor or couches so comfy. Appetizers were the scallops with bacon on a fried green tomato (yum!) and some raw bar. We also had to taste the kobe beef with lobster and Main courses were the Branzino, the Strip Steak and the Halibut. Sides were the truffle mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and mushrooms...all were great. Dessert we had the ice box cake, cookie with caramel (our favorite) and the sorbet. Some wonderful wine rounded out this meal. This is a place to return to.

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  1. Ah man, you didn't get the sliders?? they make my mouth water just thinking of them. I agree, always have a great experience at barclay prime.

    1. Just the thought of those scallops over fried green tomatoes makes my mouth water! We (my hubby and I) were there about 2 months ago to celebrate our anniv, and had a wonderful meal as well. We got the scallops, and Saltimboca ravioli apps - both were so good, if the fire alarm went off and I never got my steak I still would have left happy :) We both got the regular filet - cooked to perfection/melt in your mouth quality! And for dessert we got the cookie w/ caramel (yummy) and the peanut butter smores (small grahm/flourless choc cake/scoop of pb ice cream all encased in a toasted marshmellow shell) - amazing!
      The ambiance was also wonderful - quiet but not stuffy, with a dash of retro mixed in :) And the service we had was top-notch. Our meal+drinks was on the expensive side, but it was well worth it. Prob one of the best meals I've ever had!

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      1. re: becky315

        I did see the sliders, but since we got the kobe beef cubes with the would have been to much. OMG I missed the peanut butter smores...they sound amazing.

        1. re: taboo

          They were awesome. There were 3 on the plate too! Again, my mouth is watering just thinking of that place - wish it could be an every-month option :)

      2. The food and service in the restaurant are OUTSTANDING, no question. The service at the bar, however, is often terrible. There is one (male) bar tender who is respectful, friendly and excellent. There are several (female) bar tenders, one with red hair in particular, who are just awful. I used to enjoy eating at the bar, but after a few less than positive experiences there, I will stick to the dining room.

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        1. re: phillybakingqueen

          We had drinks at the bar before dinner and the male attendant was great. We had champagne at the bar after dinner and a female bartender was there...she was fine, but I think the male was better.

        2. Barclay Prime - wear earplugs or dine in the lounge.

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          1. re: joluvscards

            I disagree, we were there @ 8:30pm on a Sat night in August, and had no problem with noise. Although, I would imagine it depends on how full the restaurant is, I thought the low buzz was fine.

            1. re: becky315

              The night we were there it was really busy and on top of the normal chatter the restaurant had really loud music with a heavy bass. they refused to turn it down and everyone was miserable.

              1. re: joluvscards

                That's ashame... Hopefully you were there on an "off" night, and that's not the norm!! :)

                1. re: becky315

                  I was there on a Friday night from 8-11PM and found the noise level fine. I think you must have been there on an off night as well. I like that the tables are not on top of each other and the space is so large, that it muffles other table's least the one time I was there. :)

                  1. re: taboo

                    Can I ask for recommendations on sides dishes. Also for any of you, did anything form the raw bar stand out as a can't miss

                    1. re: erdenheim tumbler

                      Truffled macaroni and cheese. It is outstanding. On the other hand, I didn't love their mashed potatoes; I thought they were too watery.

                      1. re: erdenheim tumbler

                        I though the mashed potatoes were good, but the potato Nachos (I think?) were pehnomenal - sort of like a smahed up backed potatoe w/ the fixings (bacon/cheese/etc)

                        1. re: erdenheim tumbler

                          Truffle mac and cheese were great. Also had the mushrooms which were good. The oysters from the raw bar were yummy. I also ordered the lobster, but the portion was way too small and not worth the $