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Oct 6, 2009 01:16 PM

Food you loved the first time but hated the second?

I bought a bag of Trader Joe's "Righteous Rounds" a couple months ago - "healthy" chocolate chip cookies that are cholesterol and fat-free and have fruit/vegetable concentrate as an ingredient.

The first time, I thought, these are surprisingly good, and they're healthy! I'd buy them again.

Now I have another bag, and for some reason they just seem really weird, and I can't even finish them.

Has this ever happened to you? Any kind of food you've mysteriously hated the second time after liking it the first time? And can anyone explain why this might happen other than me being crazy (novelty wearing off, perhaps?)

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  1. The only thing I can think of is another Trader Joe's product - their one-pound unsliced smoked salmon "loin." Someone brought one to my house and it was delicious, rich and smoky. So I went and bought one for a party a while later and it was utterly boring and bland - like the first one was real Scottish smoked salmon and the second was nova lox.

    But that doesn't mean I changed my mind about the product, just that Trader Joe's product consistency is deplorable. You may have experienced the same phenomenon.

    1. Pirate's Booty - blech

      1. Granola..

        I had it once or twice years ago and loved it, and then I had it again and it made me nearly gag....Don't know why...
        That was years ago,and I havent had it since.... I bet if I tried it again now, I would like it.

        1. I had a plateful of lobster in Rosarita, Mexico that was the most magnificent tender, buttery, delectable eating experience EVER. Then I came back to California and had it again. Blech. And again... Yuck. Overcooked, tough, not even recognizable as the same thing. I won't eat it any more. Just can't handle the contrast-- or the price!