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Oct 6, 2009 01:10 PM

Eating Connecticut Alert

If you're interested, another episode of Eating Connecticut will air this Thursday, on PBS, I believe at 8:30 P.M. Jason Hawkins will be visiting Stamford.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I checked out the website and the show seems to have some promise.

    Anybody know which pizza spot in Stamford Robert DeNiro "couldn't get enough of"?

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    1. re: JohnnyCT

      Hi Johnny. The Stamford pizza place that Robert Deniro loved was called Remo's. It's downtown and has excellent NY Style, thin crust pizza. There's a photo of him on the wall and according to owners, he ate there everyday when filming a movie in Stamford. The other great pizza place in Stamford is called the Colony Grill, known for the spicy hot oil pizza.

    2. So I watched last night and found the dorky host to be totally annoying. He was killing all the words for the foods--brocolli robby and some other words he said were driving me insane, I think another was at Brasitas. A total cracker. :-) I was embarrassed for him at times.

      1. Agree with Cheereeo, the host was a hack

        1. Looks like the Waterbury episode is set to air tonight at 8:30. So do I read correctly--this is a new Waterbury episode--not the "Mickey Mouse/Timex" one I mentioned previously? Tune in tonight I guess. The discussion should be lively later on or tomorrow. :)

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          1. re: kattyeyes

            No, it can't be new. They wouldn't do 2 shows in the same city.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Waterbury is a re-run from June, but still pretty new since it only aired once. Then it will be back to the original 6 episodes, starting with the pilot (test) show which was New Haven, followed by Litchfield, Middletown, Mystic, South Norwalk and Hartford. While it won't be reflected in these old episodes, we've made changes. We do only 1 non-food stop now, in order to spend more time on the restaurants. (Stamford was in this new format) We've also dispensed with much of the "schtick" of those early shows. We still have fun, just without the campy stuff. Right now it looks like we'll be doing an entirely new series which will begin filming in January. All dependent on funding! No, this isn't my first visit to this website at all, in fact I've used it as a resource for years. Glad you've enjoyed the show!

              1. re: Jhawk72

                J, why is so much time spent at the clock company? It's completely a turnoff for a foodie.

                1. re: Bordeaux27

                  It's the old format. We used to do 2 non-food stops per show, now we only do 1 for that reason. We agree, the more restaurants the better. However, the next 6 episodes are all old so that what you will see until the spring series.

            2. Watched most of the episode on New Haven last night (missed the first 5-10 minutes), and (unless it was addressed in the first 5-10 minutes) appreciated the fact that the episode did not spend time on Pepe's vs Sally's vs Modern. Really enjoyed seeing other New Haven venues - Richters, Union League, Louis Lunch - featured. There are so many other interesting dining options in New Haven that deserve more than a passing mention, the city really could use a second episode. JMHO.

              Two tiny complaints: the hubby didn't understand why one would do a story on Richter's and not even mention black-and-tans; and when saying that a place has been highly rated "by Zagat, The New York, Times - even USA Today," I would have used either Zagat or TNYT for the "even" part.

              Enjoyed the show overall, though, and will make an effort to check out future episodes.