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Oct 6, 2009 12:49 PM

NZ Restaurant Suggestions...Help!


My wife and I are traveling to New Zealand at the end of October for 2 weeks and are wondering if anyone had any restaurant recommendations. We are big foodies and are celebrating our first anniversary, so we wanted to catch some of the special restaurants in the places we are staying, some really known for excellent food and also just some great local places.

Below is our itinerary of where we are staying and when.

Bay of Islands (2 nights)
Coromandel (2 nights)
Rotorua (3 nights)
Queenstown (3 nights)
Te Anau (1 night)
Christchurch (2 nights)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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  1. Ate at 2 places in Bay of Islands in May this year
    Salt Brasserie on the sea front at Paihia. 9/10
    35º south Restaurant and Bar over the water at Paihia 8/10
    On the Coramandel Pen. miha at Mercure Puka Resort, Pauanui, 8/10
    South Island (couple of years ago) Not specific to your plan but close to your stopping spots:
    Arrowtown Saffron restaurant. 8.5/10
    Akaroa C’est la Vie Restaurant. 9/10
    happy trails

    1. bascher:

      I ate at Only Seafood in Paihia and had a nice meal a few years ago. I am less familiar with Rotorua, although I usually enjoy the Fat Dog cafe--nothing high end but good food. In Christchurch I had a really good meal at Cook N' With Gas. The name sounds a bit hokey, but the food was great. They have a website you can check out. I haven't been to Queenstown in awhile, but you could try Fergburgers for interesting hamburgers.