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Oct 6, 2009 12:46 PM

Mooo...Worth It?

The menu at Mooo keeps pulling me back in. I'm dying to try it, but it's pricey. Is the soup to nuts experience worth the Mooo-la?

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  1. We've been there twice and it didn't ring my bell either time. I found the decor rather dull (I know a lot of folks on this site think it's chic, but not me), the service less than what one would expect for the hype, and the food no better than the chain steak houses. But, that's me! Spend your money at Grill 23 & Bar, Abe & Louis or even Capitol Grille on Newbury.

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      I've been there once for lunch and had a good meal but it didn't stand out to me as a steak place that I'd want to return to. For a delicious steak, I'm always bound to return to Abe and Louie's.

    2. I've only been once, but I enjoyed it more than its parent company's restaurants (which are all very popular and professionally executed).

        1. I took my husband there for his birthday in August and we both thought it was terrific (and we go to a LOT of steakhouses). The only disappointment was the ceasar salad. Everything else (steak, exotic mushrooms, mac and cheese as well as drinks not to mention the rolls they bring to start are to-die-for) was great and we both agreed it's a place we'd go back to in a heartbeat.