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Oct 6, 2009 12:32 PM

Looking for dried, shelled fava beans

It's easy to find dried fava beans still in their shells, but does anyone know where to find dried and shelled fava beans? Proximity to Central Square would be great but not necessary. Harvest Coop? Maybe an ethnic market?

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  1. I'm not completely certain, but I thought that I saw them at the Indian grocery in central square a couple of months ago

    1. I bet Harvest has em. Arax, and Sevan in Watertown definitely do. Heck, don't the ethnic food aisles of most supermarkets?

      1. I just saw dried split favas (shelled) at Al Hoda, the Halal meat market, on Prospect St., between Hampshire and Cambridge Sts. (short walk from Central). There is also Christina's to consider, but I don't recall seeing dried shelled favas there.

        1. Do you mean peeled Fava beans? I have never seen dried favas in the shells (as Striper mentions just about all markets have Goya dried favas, and near you its also possible to get Gonsalves or other Portuguese versions all shelled). Goya does sell the peeled favas dried, I have seen them around either in Latino markets or larger supermarkets. I would suggest either checking out Columbia Market and the other bodega (which changed names) near Columbia and Harvard... or even better go to the McGrath & Broadway Cities Stop and shop.

          1. These green things and a darker, browner version are pretty easy to find in just about every major supermarket chain outlet around here: there's usually at least a small Portuguese section in the International aisle. That Shaw's in Central has got to have them.


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              This may be too far out for you, but I get them at Good Health Natural Foods in Quincy.

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                Thanks, everyone, for all the tips. Just to clarify, I'm looking for dried favas with the tough outer skin already peeled off, like this brand: The Portuguese ones linked to by MC Slim JB above still have the tough skins on. Sorry for the confusion!

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                  I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Bay Sweets (Middle Eastern grocery) in West Roxbury, but it would be wise to phone before you make the trek.

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                    As noted above, Goya sells this product (called habas peladas if I remember) and you can find it in the area, but will need to hunt a bit further. The Stop and Shop at McGrath and Broadway is a good starting point near you, but you might get lucky on Columbia St if you want to hunt near Central Square. I haven't had much luck at the Central Sq Shaws for much (the one at Twin Cities plaza would be better, but S&S I think is still more likely).

                    1. re: itaunas

                      Where is there a Shaw's in Central Square?

                      1. re: smtucker

                        MCSlimJB was suggesting and I referred to the University Park Shaw's/Star Market "at MIT," the one which is on the second floor and with the le meridien hotel on Sydney St, behind the Asgard, etc. Given the time that Central and Cambridgeport (and Kendall since the Charles Station/Cambridge St Star (?) market closed) went without a supermarket when Purity Supreme closed (yes there was Harvest and the smaller Prospect St Whole Foods), even if they wanted to close that location I think the City of Cambridge would really kick up a stink.

                        1. re: itaunas

                          Wow! I am astonished that I wasn't aware of this store. When did that store open? And thank you for responding.