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Oct 6, 2009 12:24 PM

American (New or otherwise?) Thanksgiving, Hell's Kitchen/West Midtown, Vegetarian AND Omnivore

Hi folks,

I have a pretty specific inquiry, so maybe some of you experts can help... searches and yelp weren't getting me to what I'm looking for.

My mother and my aunt are visiting from a small town in the Midwest on Thanksgiving. We are going to a show that evening, and they are staying near Penn Station (surely seeing the parade as well). They would like me to find them a restaurant for Thanksiving dinner. They are pretty traditional meat-and-potatoes types, not foodies, not into anything too "ethnic" or "upscale." Maybe Italian or Mexican if they feel adventurous.

I'm a vegetarian, on the other hand.

Does anyone have any ideas for a restaurant, say, west of 6th Avenue, South of 55th Street, north of 34th Street that would serve a quasi-traditional (turkey at least, even if with interesting herbs or sides [they'll be impressed) Thanksgiving meal, but also have a decent vegetarian option or two? I don't even expect something as particular as Tofurkey or some tempeh dish (although that would be awesome)... but even a decent pasta type dish would work. I realize that neighborhood isn't the most fertile for great restaurants compared to further downtown, but maybe there are some hidden gems... trying to avoid tourist traps or overpriced places; just want something really delicious and comfortable we can all enjoy.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a turkey dinner the evening before Thanksgiving Day? If so...

    Friend of a Farmer serves a turkey dinner with the trimmings year round. There are also vegetarian-friendly dishes on the menu. It is a bit below 34th St, on Irving Pl.

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      Actually looking for something on Thanksgiving Day, but that looks nice. Still hoping for something further uptown and west side, though, so we can stroll from dinner to the theater, but appreciated.

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        Traditionally, on Thanksgiving, Broadway shows are dark. Have you found one that will be having a performance that evening? .

        It's still a bit early to know exactly which restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Pretty much all of them that are serve a turkey dinner. Some serve only that while others also have their regular menu. A good source, though not an exhaustive one, is the list provided by OpenTable, which will be available at the beginning of November.

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          Well, she told me they got tickets for West Side Story on Thanksigivng Day (8 pm). Maybe I'll just need to wait until then November. I wish we were eating in Brooklyn-- I actually know restaurants there.

          1. re: brandonz

            Don't what Landmarc (in the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle) is doing for Thanksgiving, but they've got an extensive menu with some decent vegetarian options that might work for you. Caveat: I haven't dined here, and I've read mixed reviews on this location.

    2. Try Black Duck (in the Park Avenue Hotel). Also Sarabeths on Central Park South, or Uncle Jack's Steakhouse.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions-- some of these look promising!