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Oct 6, 2009 12:14 PM

Top 5 Under the Radar Spots to Watch the Phils

That's the latest food/bar thing I wrote on

I tried to find sports in the non-downtown neighborhoods or places that never get talked about. Here's what I got:

1) Murph's (Fishtown) -- Fishtown has become the hipster neighborhood of Philly. But it's also still really townie, so there's a real gentrification segregation there. But Murph's is the one spot where that goes out the window. This is because it's all about the Phils/baseball all season long. If you love the Phils, you have a hoe there. A bunch of HDTV's, decent beer selection and one of the best baseball bars in the city, if not the country.

2) McMenamin's (Mt. Airy) -- McMen's is in Mt. Airy, which is located in NW Philly. Mt. Airy's the most inclusive/diverse neighborhood in Philly. It's a mixture of races, wealth, sexuality, etc. (It's only missing Republicans.) McMen's is one of the few bars in the area and caters to the neighborhood -- can really find all walks of life there. They have a bunch of TV's. Great beer selection more in line w/ something you'd find downtown. And some of the best pub grub in the city -- I had a hamburger there last weekend that was quite possibly the best I've ever had in my life.

3) McNally's (Chestnut Hill) -- This is a place that should be mandatory for every Philadelphian to visit at least once. It's in the far NW corner of the city in the well-to-do neighborhood of Chestnut Hill. It's the home of The Schmitter, a sandwich popular at the baseball stadium. The Schmitter's like 14 meets on one sandwich or something; it's the best, most unhealthiest food you could ever have. It's really cozy but pretty awesome.

4) Cavanaugh's (Center City/Rittenhouse) -- Slept on sports bar that's a lot better than the other big bars downtown. Decent beer selection, decent food and a few dozen televisions.

5) Flat Rock Saloon (Manayunk) -- Manayunk bars can be an absolute nightmare due to the large amount of college/22-year-olds who live in the area. But the Flat Rock caters to a different crowd. It's pretty big, they have a ton of TVs, a small food menu but a terrific beer menu. If memory serves correct, they had something like 40 selections available last time I went there. Old-school suspender wearing bartenders.

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  1. my vote is for the Khyber. after the phils game there is a special beer event going on at 5pm, called Ryes Above. all rye beers on draft, specials on rye whiskeys, rye vodkas, etc.

    GO PHILS!!!!!!!!

    1. I go to the South Philly Bar & Grill... food is kinda blah (though the recently redid the menu, which I have not tried) but great sports bar atmosphere and they have a great patio outside with a TV with sound! They have decent beer specials during the games.

      I was here for the World Series win and I would not be anywhere else this time around.

      1. I will be in Philly for the first time Oct. 14th - 18th. I will be staying in Rittenhouse Square and will be looking for a good bar/restaurant to watch my beloved Dodgers beat the Phillies. Thanks for the ideas.
        Go Dodger Blue!

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        1. re: EarlyBird

          Check out Playmakers, Marvin Harrison's bar at 25th & Thompson.

          Just kidding. Every bar will be showing the game and most will have a crowd. The places you are most likely to find other Dodgers fans are Fox & Hound (15th & Spruce) and Smith's (19th St below Market). I'm taking a guess on Smith's but they get fans from all over for football on Sundays.

          1. re: barryg

            now seriously...25th and Thompson...marvin will prolly server you the wings

            1. re: barryg

              Thanks. I don't mind being in pure Philly territory. Philly sounds like a great city.

          2. went to see the final game of the nlds at devil's den: the beer is always awesome and the crowd was totally into it. i still haven't eaten there so i can't comment on the food.