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Caterer for wedding in northern Westchester?


My fiance and I are looking for a caterer for a wedding next fall in northern Westchester. We have a venue and will have around 100 people. We are open to different styles, i.e. buffet, one long cocktail party, etc. Don't necessarily need to do a sit down dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  1. what town is the venue in?

    1. Look into Silver Spoon Caterers. I have had an excellent experience with them.

      1. What is your price range?? Do you have a place to have it and you just need the caterer or do you need everything?

        1. We have a venue in Cortlandt Manor, price range is open right now, need food, staffing, and rentals of everything but tables and chairs . Thanks

          1. I have 2 friends that used standing room only, from scaresdale. Food and service were outstanding both times.

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              I have heard great things about Plum & Standing Room Only...but only if budget is not an issue. Years ago I attended a bbq wedding up county that a place called Gerske's catered and it was great but definatley low key.

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                If you want to do bbq try wylies in wingdale-- awesome!!!

            2. For bbq- try big w's
              try big w's if you want bbq!

              1475 Route 22

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                Big W's has great food but for full service catering also?

              2. Try Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville--they are full service caterers and you can try much of their food in their place in Pleasantville also.

                1. http://www.theperennialchef.com/ in Bedford Hills is wonderful

                  http://www.jenniferskitchenandcaterin... in Mt Kisco

                  Both places have excellent food and service.

                  1. you could try susan lawrence in chappaqua- may break the bank however, but i have had much of their prepared food, and it is excellent, but they are primarily caterers

                    1. Visit Armonk Country Kitchen in Armonk, see Mike (owner) or Dave (Manager), their food beats any without fancy catering pricing,

                      1. Standing Room Only (Scarsdale)
                        Susan Lawrence (Chappaqua)
                        Bedford Gourmet (Bedford)
                        Watson's (Greenwich)
                        Marcia Selden (Stamford)
                        Libby Cooke Catering (Greenwich)

                        These are all good caterers that have been in business for a number of years. Food and service excellent.